Armed with a $15 Groupon worth $30 in food and drinks at Cinebarre, my wife and I ventured out to see Cars2.

As usual we were welcomed upon arrival by at least 2 staff members, one of whom directed us to our theatre. Once inside it seemed much more dark than usual as the quirky indie short-films were playing. I had to use the flash on my iPhone as a flashlight to see the menu!

My wife had the Blue Moon and I chose the Black Butte Porter (our go-to beers). I had gone back and forth between the porter and a Guinness stout, so when the server brought our beers and said "The Guinness" as he set mine down, I was not displeased. I like 'em both!

For our food I'd chosen the "Goldfingers" and was a bit disappointed. The chicken was a bit dry and the breading was a bit overdone. Honestly, it tasted like frozen food re-heated. Their fries, as usual, were tasty. Note of apology -- our arrival was poorly timed, since the film had started when our food arrived -- thus it seemed inappropriate to take flash photos of our food. In the dim light my chicken did seem extra-dark brown and dry. The highlight of the evening was my wife's meal. She'd picked the "Pamburger" -- their house-made veggie burger with lentils, black beans, and brown rice. Adding bleu cheese made it the bomb! Not a huge fries fan, she opted for the chips and salsa which did not disappoint. That minor substitution brought our tab to $1.50 after discount, plus tip (yes, of course, on the full amount).

Cars2 was entertaining and silly, I'd give it a B+ as sequels go.

On our way out of the theater we discussed the pros and cons of Cinebarre vs Northern Lights and decided that, depending on our mood, Northern Lights will still be our preference for dining and a beer while watching a flick. When we want to take it up the scale a notch or two though, Cinebarre is a nice option to have in Salem! And next time we go, we'll likely share the Pamburger with bleu cheese!

~ Keith
~ Can Opener Boy


jodi b said...

I like the atmosphere at Cinebarre and the fact that I can enjoy a brew while watching a first run movie, but as far as the food goes, I can't recommend them. I have tried several items on the menu hoping to find a go-to item and I have been disappointed in every item. We like the atmosphere, and the service is always good and attentive, so I will try the burger, as kind of a last ditch effort.
Because of the first run movies, the good brews, and the service, we will still go to Cinebarre....we just may be going to dinner somewhere else before the movie.

Anonymous said...

The Pamburger with cheddar is my favorite. I also like the potato skins and the pickle chips. I always ask for the "featured draft" and it's usually a good choice. I also had that Groupon.

gstatty said...

I don't usually go to Cinebarre expecting a restaurant that happens to also be a theater, but more like a theater that happens to have better food. I figure if I look at it that way its harder to be disappointed. My two favorite menu items are the Bull Durham which is a pizza with pepperoni, canadian bacon & sausage and the Blue Velvet burger which is a bleu cheeseburger with the patty covered in buffalo hot sauce.