Brothers Burgers to Open in Salem(Rumor)

During an interview with the Colombian newspaper in Vancouver WA, a restaurant consultant from Portland mentioned the possibility of Brothers Burger opening in Salem. The article is about Burgerville and the consultant is talking about the competitive market for ground beef sandwiches. Here's a copy and paste of the quote:
Restaurant adviser Hayden expects the region to gain at least eight franchise startups this year — among them Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Brothers Burger, Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries and Vera’s Burger Shack.
“Brothers (Burger) is going to put in 30 (sites) from Seattle to Salem,” Hayden said.
I'm assuming that means there will be a Brothers Burger franchise in Salem. A google search turned up this website for a Philippine based burger company. I thought it was interesting considering Burgerville does not have a restaurant in Salem. It also might be worth noting that Five Guys is adding a second franchise in SE Salem on Commercial, where Izzy's used to be. So who does this competition affect more, the fast food chains or the mom and pops?


Can Opener Boy said...

Sadly, their website does not mention where they source their beef. For my dollars WBC and Burgerville get top marks for using local beef and making a quality product. I have no desire to eat a huge slab of ground beef that came from who-knows-what-feed-lot. =(

Anonymous said...

The commercial beef factories are disgusting and cruel. Have you ever seen one in action? I have and it make me sick to my stomach.

I will only eat local beef from trusted sources.

As to the chains coming in - that is really unfortunate. Big chains are terrible for the economy. Suck a lot of money out and leave very little in their wake.

Anonymous said...

Here's the correct website (90 days to deliciousness?)