Bite and Blues

Today at the Bite and Brew, Blues and a big burger. Scratch that, a huge burger. Nope, a Goliath Burger. Ty Curtis takes the stage at 4p. Here's a sound Sampling of the 23 year old Salem Oregon based vocalist.

This band is definitely worth the $3 suggested donation.

At 3p is the Adam's Rib Goliath Burger Challenge. The Challenge is to eat a 2lb burger with fixin and fries. The prize, half the money in the pot and a Goliath T- shirt.

Let me just say, I am not endorsing participating in this event in any way shape or form but I highly recommend watching it. What fair would be complete without a bunch of macho men/women stuffing their faces with inappropriately large amounts of food.

Last night, the Spin Doctors rocked Riverfront and could be heard as far down as Minto Brown Island Park. Thanks to everyone that helped out at our booth yesterday. You guys are the best. Also, thanks to the local owners of Coldstone for being gracious neighbors and supplying us with shade and that sweet aroma of fresh baked waffle cones. I also want to say hello to one anonymous reader who came by the booth. Remember to send me your email to

My meal last night was from The Big Fat Greek Souvlaki. The owner did a nice job of pitching here restaurant to me. She told me that they were considering a food cart to service the Salem area. This grilled chicken pita called Chicken Souvlaki was a nice bite for $7.

This is the last day of the Bite and Brew at Riverfront Park, get down there and see what it's all about. The $3 donation goes to the local Boys and Girls Clubs and parking was not much of a hassle.

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Anonymous said...

So, did anyone win the goliath burger challenge?

I watched a guy attempt this last time I was at Adam's Rib and he was clearly in pain less than half way through.

My body could clearly handle the challenge, or rather I am pretty sure it could, but I constantly ask myself why would I want to do that? Nothing good would come from it beyond the short term pleasure of a victory dance, t-shirt and a few bucks in cash.

I put away three triple burgers at Wendys plus two large fries and two cokes in one sitting (which would be 2 1/4 lbs of beef). I also have done two whole Walery's pizza's. Once I put away six slices of SFNY pizza. Ate two full giant racks of ribs, a cheeseburger and an entire chocolate cake.......I could go on and on. But in the end, the question is....why?

Moderation is your friend.

Just to be clear, If it weren't for the health considerations and the fact I have treated my body like a rental car for way too long, I would love to try the challenge. If only I could do it and then take a pill to bring it all back up...