Wooden Nickel Pub - Silverton

Mr. and I were heading out to Silverton for some Our Town music at the Grange and were looking for a place to eat.

I am a self professed lover of prime rib. I love the tender meat, the burning horseradish and the salty jus. What is there not to love? So when I heard that there was a Saturday special of smoked prime rib at the Wooden Nickel I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

The location is on the edge of town and the drive from Salem allowed us a beautiful tour through serene countryside. The Wooden Nickel is located in an unassuming building and you'd almost miss it if it weren't for the packed parking lot. We knew immediately that was a good sign.

When we walked in, it appeared to be more of a bar than a restaurant. There was no hostess to seat us and plenty of patrons on barstools. As we stepped farther into the bar a waitress smiled at us letting us know it was okay to seat ourselves. A little farther in were booths in a back area with a pool table. Since one of them was open we sat there.

The walls were covered with wood and it had the atmosphere of the locals watering hole. Overall, it was warm, inviting and filled with families, coworkers, and dates sitting at tables all around us. We felt as if we'd stumbled upon a local secret.

The waitress quickly came over and said hi, listed off the beers on draft and took our order. Since we were there for the prime rib looking at the menu offered little to interest us, but I did notice a flier on the table for their daily specials.

We ordered some local oregon beer (always a plus in Mr.'s book) and settled in to wait for our prime rib. The waitress was friendly and attentive, she promptly brought us our salad and also a cute little loaf of bread.

When the prime rib came, it was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. There was a thin smoke ring at the edge of the meat and those bites had a bit of a smoky taste, but the middle of the meat tasted like your standard prime rib.

I hate to admit it, but I had low expectations on the side dishes. Maybe it's the bar atmosphere, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the veggies to be fresh and crisp and the spicy bacon mac and cheese was to die for. Seriously, I would come back for the mac and cheese alone.

Overall it was a great down home experience and now that I know how good their food is, I can't wait to try some of their other dishes. Pretty sure Mr's going to want to come on a Tuesday for their southern fried chicken special although I have an eye on their St. Luis style ribs...

1610 Pine Street
Silverton, OR
(503) 873-9979

Contributed by Kristi_Nez


Anonymous said...

We participated in their Groupon a few months ago and really enjoyed the food. They have massive burgers that are really good. Luckily, for my waistline, the drive is a bit too much for me to make it out there as often as I would had it been closer. A word of caution though, I was parked (motor running) in the shop next door's parking area waiting for someone to leave and a worker came out looking very eager to have me towed. Luckily, a spot opened up at the Wooden Nickel so I didn't have any problems.

Anonymous said...

Best Burger I've had in a looong time I had here!!

Kristi said...

Okay, So I have to add a follow up to my review. My sister was in town this weekend and as a fellow lover of beef, steak and all things meat, I had to take her for the Smoked Prime rib.

She described it as looking like an old bowling alley. It does sort of, it's a place you might drive by and not consider stopping unless someone told you the food was good.

She was tentative about someone messing with the basic prime rib. But after tasting it she described it as "prime rib wrapped in bacon". It was quite a hit.

I have to say everyone loved the bacon jalapeno mac again, but I was disappointed by the veggies this time. Packaged baby carrots cut in half and cooked in a brown sugar sauce. Not bad, but not great.

I also saw that they are having a big crawfish boil later this month, I may have to go back and check that out.

KandN said...

Just spotted a Wooden Nickel Groupon