Mt. Angel Sausage Co.

By Connor Mitchell

Three or four times a year, my wife and I drive to Mt. Angel and stock up on bratwurst and other sausages at the Mt. Angel Sausage Co. This time we stopped and had lunch at the company’s restaurant. It being a sunny day, we looked for seating on the restaurant’s deck and seated ourselves at the one table not occupied.
We had menus and water in a matter of minutes. I learned long ago that when in a steak house, don’t order fish. Following that line or reasoning, I shied from the fish and chips and ordered the fricadelwurst, a spicy chicken sausage, with onions and sauerkraut. My wife, being more adventurous, ordered the pulled pork sandwich (which, granted, fits with the theme of the restaurant) and salad (which doesn’t). The waitress complimented my wife on her resolve, saying she always falls prey to temptation and gets the sweet potato fries, which, like the salad, is a choice included with the pulled pork sandwich. In retrospect, after trying the salad, my wife wished she wasn’t so keen on her resolve. At the salad bar, which to give the restaurant some slack was only recently installed, my wife found only a limited offering of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes and beets, and a lettuce mix with mainly iceberg lettuce, carrots and radicchio, all of which had the quality of a bagged salad mix.To be fair, I should mention that the waitress asked my wife for suggestions on the salad bar, since it was a new venture for the restaurant and they were looking for ways to improve.
From there things picked up. The pulled pork sandwich was succulent, tasty and cooked to perfection in a sauce that complemented the pork without overpowering it. The pork was very lean, fresh and piled high in a delicious chewy pretzel bun that maintained its integrity, instead of dissolving halfway through the meal, which, unfortunately, seems common when eating pulled pork sandwiches. Being a regular consumer of the company’s sausages, I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into with my fricadelwurst sandwich.
The company advertises their sausage as all natural, no chemicals, no byproducts: Quite possibly the world’s finest handmade sausages. True to the company’s character, I wasn’t disappointed. Slightly spicy, the fricadelwurst is possibly my favorite of the sausage company’s many offerings. But it is hard to choose a favorite between selections such as the currywurst and the standard bratwurst. I ordered the sandwich complete with sautéed onions and sauerkraut. The bun, like the pretzel bun that came with the pulled pork and unlike some hot dog buns, was substantial and fresh. The cole slaw that came with the sausage sandwich also was outstanding. It included a sweet, slightly tangy sauce on a fresh cabbage mix.
The price, $6.99 for the sandwich and cole slaw, also was right. We also ordered a side of French fries. Here again, our high expectations were met. The crispy, curly shoestring fries were cut extra fine, piled high and were outstanding.
Given the high price of gas, the 20 mile drive from Salem to Mt. Angel can add considerably to the cost of a meal. But the quality of the meal, friendly service, low cost and sunny atmosphere can make an afternoon or evening excursion to the sausage company highly rewarding and well worth the extra cost for gas.
  1. Owner: Jim Hoke
  2. The Grilled Reuben Basket
  3. Pork Schnitzel Basket
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Chuck Bradley said...

Outstanding review Connor! Those fries look and sound incredible. I must try the Reuben Basket!

Vegan's Nightmare said...

I've always wanted to go there and have never had the opportunity!

Chuck Bradley said...

VN, Their Brats are insanely good. If you haven't checked out the Peppertree Sausage Company in Albany, it's worthy of your attention also.

Anonymous said...

Ate there recently, the food was good and tasty. On the other hand the service was off putting, the server had a constant scowl on their face and felt uncomfortable ordering. Sat inside to eat and the table was squeezed into the corner where we had little room seating and eating-wise. The food would be the only reason to go back.

Anonymous said...

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I stopped in to have a couple drinks and to buy an assortment of sausages to take home. Let me tell you---this place makes some of the best sausage/smoked meats I've ever had in my life. I highly recommend the bacon jerky---YES bacon jerky!!! The owner and his wife were there as well as an additional server and they were all very friendly and helpful. It made us wish we could have stayed and hung out a while longer.