Minto Island Growers Food Cart

It was sunny last Friday so I headed out River Road to pick up some vegetable starts for my garden from the newly opened Minto Island Growers Farm Stand.

The Farm Stand was featuring native plants and plant starts for the garden, and as the season progresses they'll sell veggies from the farm too. I had heard of their Food Cart and I'd even seen it last year, but I hadn't eaten there.

Being that it was 2pm and I was using my lunch hour to pick up plants, it was a perfect opportunity to give them a try. Menus were on clipboards, you fill out the menu, pay at the farm stand and then turn the form in to the cart. I was sadly told that due to a twitter post, they had run out of their fresh asparagus soup!

The food menu was small, there were a couple of salad options, soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. They also have milkshakes and smoothies along with homemade ginger ale and farm grown ice tea. I was told that some of the food items will make a regular appearance on the menu, but as things from the farm come into season the menu will change.

Since they were out of soup I asked if I could have the soup and sandwich combo ($7) with salad instead. She kindly allowed me to have a half portion of the "Big Blue" Boat Salad which featured farm grown romaine and Gorgonzola dressing topped with roasted Oregon Hazelnuts. It didn't dawn on me what the word "boat" meant until I got it.

This picture does not do it justice, but the "boat" is a large leaf of romaine lettuce. She told me the way to eat it is to roll it up like a cigar and bite it. I loved it. They weren't stingy on the hazelnuts and the dressing was light and creamy. I would have liked more of the blue cheese flavor, but it was tasty and the lettuce was as crisp and fresh as could be. The joy of eating at the farm!

Next up was the grilled cheese sandwich. Now I love a good grilled cheese, but this one is amazing. I will say it is probably not for everyone. Mr., for example thought it sounded too rich, but he's more of the standard cheddar cheese type. Me, on the other hand, give me a gourmet grilled cheese any day!

The sandwich appeared a little thin, but the cheese was melting out the side and it smelled delicious. They use Irish Dubliner, Tillamook Extra Sharp White Cheddar and cream cheese mixed with farm grown garlic greens. I have to apologize because I liked it so much I completely forgot to take a picture of it.

I had also ordered the Iced Tea ($2) which is made from a variety of tea plants that have grown on the farm since the late 80's. I was asked if I wanted it plain or with their homemade syrup, I opted for the syrup and it was so tasty and not too sweet. For the life of me I can't remember for sure what she said the syrup was made from, but I recall it may have been rosemary and lemon? The whole thing was really good and I wished I'd had two.

One thing they didn't have much of was seating, there were a couple of hay bales to sit on and as more people showed up they offered a couple of chairs. Hopefully they'll get a picnic table or two as more customers head their way for lunch.

Personally, I was glad to be out of the office enjoying the sunshine and eating some terrific food. If you want to get away and feel the wind on your face and local food in your belly, I highly recommend it.

Minto Island Growers Food Cart
3394 Brown Island Rd.
Tuesday- Saturday 11:00-3:00

Contributed By Kristi_Nez


Salem Man said...

This place is fantastic and so close to home. I'm buying most of my veggie starts from them. Now, I'll have to try the grilled cheese. Great review!

Nate Rafn said...

Yes, Minto Island Growers is contributing to an awesome food culture here. Let's keep supporting them!

Chuck Bradley said...

Had a Cubano Pork Sandwich here today. Very good. Lots of fresh produce. Can't wait to try their wood fired Pizza.