Dinner at Spud Brother's Pizza

The other day I was craving pizza and decided to look through my coupons to help me decide where to eat. I found a Spud Brother's coupon for $19.99 for a large Black Knight pizza and decided to check them out. I ate there once when they first opened and I really couldn't remember how the pizza was. I invited a few friends and we decided to meet at Spud Brother's for a pizza and a chat.

Spud Brother's is a friendly little place in the Target strip mall on Center Street. The staff are friendly and helpful and when we walked up to the counter the owner was happy to talk to us about pizza options and even offered us a free slice of pizza from the warmer they were shutting down to munch on while we waited. He did warn us that the pizza might be a little dry since it was the last batch of by-the-slice pizza for the day. We ordered the Black Night pizza, which had a couple types of meat, black olives, and mushrooms. We ordered drinks at the counter as well and then snacked on our tasty (and only slightly dry) pizza slices at a booth in the corner. One thing to remember is that drink refills are 50 cents and you have to order at the counter. There isn't really any table service in this small restaurant.

There is a definite island theme going on in this restaurant, from the turtles and birds on the wall to the surfboard over the door. According to the counter staff, the owner figured if he was going to be somewhere for 16-18 hours a day, it might as well be an atmosphere he enjoyed. I found it oddly comforting to be surrounded by island decor on a rainy spring day in Oregon.
Our pizza came out in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't really paying attention since I was chatting with my friends. One of my friends ordered a salad which came out early and in a to-go container even though we were eating in. I get the feeling most people order pizza to go from this joint, except for the people who order while playing lottery in the back room.

The pizza toppings are generous and the crust is nice and crispy. Everyone at the table enjoyed the pizza and we managed to eat the whole large pizza between the four of us.
Looking back on the experience after a day or so, I would say the pizza is good, but not great. It is definitely a cut above the chain restaurants in town and if Spud Brother's was in my neighborhood I'd probably be a customer. Since there are some really good pizza options within walking distance of my home, I probably won't make the trip back over there anytime soon. But if you live or work over near the Lancaster Mall area, definitely give it a try.

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3862 Center St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: (503) 378-7783

Hours: 11 AM - sometime between 9-11 PM depending on how busy they are 
(usually 9:30ish on weekdays, 11ish on weekends)


Anonymous said...

I ate there once a while back and thought that the prices were top tier and the flavor and quality were lower/middle of the pack. Pizza falls into two categories for me: needs ranch dressing or doesn't. Spud Brothers falls into the former.

Chuck Bradley said...

During my one and only visit I sampled their Pizza-by-the-slice Pepperoni. While this is often not the best method to measure the place’s Pizza quality, I thought this one was mediocre at best. I noted at the time the carpeted areas of the floor were badly in need of vacuuming. The counter guy was friendly and helpful. Spud Brothers is certainly no threat to Padington's, Walery's, Michelangelo’s or, if I'm up for turning on my oven, Brick Brothers.