Star of India

Star of India is now closed. A bento place is now at that address.

Two years ago, N and I drove out to Lancaster to give Star of India a try for dinner. Whenever we spot an empty parking lot, 80% of the time we're unable to budge ourselves from the car and that's what happened that night.  This time around, we were determined to ignore the lack of cars at SunnyLan Center, a stripmall tucked behind a Circle K and across Lancaster from BiMart and the now empty Albertson's grocery store.

How I love Indian food! Ever since my first bite I've enjoyed it's smells, flavors, ingredients, though not always the heat. One thing I've noticed over the years, is how little the dishes vary from one Indian restaurant to another.  Or do I need to branch out as far as ordering different menu items?

The spacious interior of Star of India, has a small bar along one wall and booths up against the other, with tables and buffet area in between. It's brightly lit with framed Indian prints and Indian music playing in the background. We were greeted and taken to a booth, the only diners in the place unless you count the patron sitting at the bar nursing a drink.

N and I studied the menu, while our host filled our water glasses and brought us complimentary poppadom with mint and chili chutneys. Their menu offered both half and full orders of several entrees. We decided this would be a good way to order 3 items instead of just our usual two. Our order: Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Vindaloo, and Chicken Biryani.

All of our dishes tasted fresh and full of the flavors we love. We'll definitely be back. Maybe on a night when their buffet is open.


2138 Lancaster DR NE Salem Or


Rebekah said...

I heard a rumor that Star of India was opening a second location downtown, in the old Marco Polo location. Couldn't confirm it, but has anyone else heard such a thing?

Anonymous said...

If they open up in downtown, I don't think both Indian restaurants can survive.

We love Indian and still miss the one that closed in S. Salem. The one in Lancaster has been very inconsistent, so we stopped going. Based on the review, we may try them again. The one in downtown looks like it's been renovated inside, but it's not as good as the one in Monmouth, which is best in class right now.

KandN said...

I hope it's a new location and not a second one. Where they're at now is a lousy location. You have to know the restaurant is there, since it's not easily visible from the street.
Also, I was glad to see how hot and succulent the tandoori chicken was, since there were so few diners when we were there.
Yes, we still miss Royal India, too.

gstatty said...

If you ever make it up to Portland, Bombay Cricket Club is pretty good, but super spicy, Vindaloo is Indian fusion and very good. Swagat is like the original Indian restaurant in the Portland area and its in Beaverton. Swagat still makes some of the best--imo--makhani chicken I've ever had. Always go with the garlic naan anywhere, yum.

d. davis said...

I think I've only gone during buffet hours and never had a bad meal. A few dishes can be hit or miss as far as personal tastes but a majority are great. Service has progressively gotten better as well.

They did have to close the small store that was added a while back and replaced it with a lottery room.