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I imagine there are some weeks on, it must seem like all we do is post information about upcoming local events. We could apologize, but . . . no, that won't happen. is here not just for those of you who are searching and sharing about their meals, but also for local restaurateurs who are looking for all possible ways to reach all possible diners.

It's not an easy feat these days. All of our eyes are distracted not just by the conventional ways of spreading the word, but everything new, too. Admit it, you were distracted just now by that photograph of the strawberries covered with whipped cream on a slice of chocolate cake. I know I was, and I'm the one who put it there.

So if you're ever disappointed in the daily post being yet another local event, just remember that we're here to give you a tip or two on what's happening in town and where to eat next--whatever your craving might be.

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