Outdoor Dining in Salem

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It's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about getting out and enjoying a meal out in the sunshine (if it EVER decides to stick around!). One of my favorite things about summer in Oregon is that the weather is usually just about perfect for outdoor dining: not too much humidity, not too many bugs, warm enough to be enjoyable.

I've noticed a few more patios and outdoor areas have been added around Salem since the no smoking law went into affect. Some of those end up being too smoky for my enjoyment, but others are very nice. Here's a list of some of my favorite Salem patio dining - other than my own at home, of course! :)

Boon's Treasury
Straight from New York Pizza - Owens St.
The Ram
Best Little Roadhouse - the bar patio, 21+
French Press
McGrath's - both locations

Sidewalk Seating
La Margarita Express
Brown's Towne
The Beanery
The Brick

Are there any new outdoor dining options around the area that I've missed or haven't tried? I'm sure there are plenty. Feel free to add them in the comments!


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Wild Pear & Petes Place & Cascade Baking on State Street. Los Dos Hermanos has a patio in Keizer.

Anonymous said...

Go here-http://eatsalem.com/2010/05/outdoor-dining-in-salem-oregon.html

Friends of Salem Saturday Market said...

Salem Saturday Market and Wednesday Farmers Market, of course! :)

Chuck Bradley said...

Los Dos Hermanos, Los Baez, Caruso's and Half Penny can be added to your Patio list. And Grand Vines and Croissant & Co. to Sidewalk Seating.

Anonymous said...

Bentleys and Christos usually put out sidewalk seating when the weather is nice... but there is a lot of traffic noice at both spots. Great list, thanks! Time for me to drag my husband somewhere we can eat al fresco... my favorite, his least favorite ;)


Anonymous said...

Straight From NY pizza at Commercial and river Rd south has a nice little patio and a even better they have a good selection of local beers on tap and my favorite pizza.

The patio at French Press is a great spot to sun yourself in the middle of the afternoon. The coffee is good, but food is hit or miss. Great place to meet a friend.

I just had a nice cup of coffee on the sidewalk at the Governor's Cup with my mom - it was quite pleasant.

For a beer, Venti's has a nice outdoor area and so does Pete's Place. pete's specialty is stiff cocktails at a working man's price.

DeeDeeDiner said...

Alcyone Cafe & Catering has outside tables.

Caruso's Italian Cafe has a covered outdoor area overlooking the lake.

Anonymous said...

Rudy's at Salem Golf Club has a great dining patio.

Rebekah said...

Thanks! I didn't know about Rudy's. I think Tuff Ranch out in Keizer has a patio too.

Anonymous said...

The Alibi has a patio!