Morton's NW Bistro

Unfortunately for N and I, eating a full meal at Morton's NW Bistro on our budget is only possible as a place to celebrate milestones. Almost makes me want to try and cheat by making up occasions worthy of their delicious food. It's one of several local eateries that I'd love to be a regular at. The level of imagination in the menu, food and great service at Morton's make dinner out a special event.

Our initial impulse was to order the "wilted spinach salad for 2" for our first course, but we spotted "curry yam stew" and remembered the amazing curry pumpkin soup we'd oohed and aahed over in October. We opted to share a bowl to save room for dessert. Our sweet waitress described the evening specials. Neither of us could resist the filet mignon. During our other visits, we've picked out a bottle of wine from their wine wall opposite the bar. This time we decided to give their house Cabernet a try. I'm glad we did. The Cabernet offered a big personality with a rich, round, full mouthed flavor--a perfect accompaniment for both our stew and beef.

Sharing a bowl of soup was trickier than I anticipated. It didn't bother N, but I was concerned about the possibility of drops falling onto the table instead of in my mouth. This soup, with it's clear broth and tender chunks of yam, was as wonderfully complex as the pumpkin soup, with slight differences. The first was the addition of crunchy nutty toasted pumpkin seeds. The second was a slightly higher level of both sweetness and heat. Sweet, savory and delicious!

How I wish the lighting allowed for a better photo of our filet mignon. I had to take a moment before picking up knife and fork to admire my plate. I do enjoy a well presented plate. The tall, mushroom covered filet was seared just enough to add a caramelized flavor to the already flavorful meat. Each bite of beef was so succulent and tender, it nearly melted in my mouth. The sugar snap peas were perfectly crisp and fresh. The peas' delicate crunch and sweetness reminded me of summer's first ear of corn. I enjoyed the dreamy look on N's face as he savored each bite. I'm sighing longingly just thinking of that meal. While the potato torte was very good, the rest of the meal took center stage. Sorry potatoes, no offense intended.

For the finale, we chose to share the flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. I love a dessert that isn't overly sweet like this cake. It allows me to savor the chocolate and the creamy texture of the cake.
And now I'm checking the calendar--what can we celebrate next?

Open Tues. - Sat. from 5 PM to 9 PM
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Reservations recommended
(503) 585-1113
1128 Edgewater St NW
Salem, OR 97304


Anonymous said...

Best restaurant in Salem in our opinion. Great skill and high quality ingredients. One of the only places in Salem that you can get high end service. Very professional and cover all bases, yet somehow are only there when you need them.

if you have never been to Morton's, I couldn't more highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the fascination with this place. I've eaten here twice and neither was a good experience. Don't get it. There are much better places in Salem. And cheaper too!

KandN said...

I understand, the first time we ate at Morton's, we had an off experience (over salty dish), but it's all been good since then. If N and I used our heads instead of our stomachs to order, we could certainly find a light meal for much less on their menu. Like the wilted spinach salad for 2 and a bowl of that wonderful stew--not shared.

Anonymous said...

We've been to Morton's quite a few times and never had anything less than a great meal. It is the go to place for special occasions in our family.

I would guess that the reason that we don't go more often is because it is kind of hidden away from our daily routine - and we live out south.

Anonymous said...

This is easily my favorite restaurant in Salem. I love the atmosphere, as well as the delicious food. After reading this, I hope to go there soon!

Anonymous said...

I just read that Morton’s Bistro, will be closing after 22 years. The last dinner will be served on Aug. 27th. Until the restaurant closes, it will be open during regualr hours 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.