Kim Huong's Vietnamese Restaurant

I used to go to Kim Huong's quite often when I lived in the neighborhood, but rarely make it over there these days. Which is really sad. I had forgotten how delicious their food is.

I made plans to meet a friend there for dinner last night and I had some time before we were supposed to meet, so I stopped at A Dong market next door and picked up some ingredients for making curry at home. That place is just so interesting and has so many fun things to check out! I really have to get over to Silverton Road more often.

Kim Huong's isn't a fancy place, but it has a nice, quiet atmosphere. Even with lots of people there it seems to be pretty low-key and never has that din that many restaurants get during the dinner hour. Maybe its the carpet...or the tablecloths...or the kitschy decor that includes plastic flowers. They all add to the funky atmosphere as well.

We were seated almost immediately when we arrived and our teapot and teacups arrived soon after. Since it had been so long since I'd been there, I took my time looking over the menu. I could have ordered frog legs, but decided instead on the Grilled Beef and Lemongrass Bun ($7.95). I remembered how much I liked it when I used to haunt this place, so I decided to try it again and see if it was as good as I remembered. We also ordered some tofu veggie rolls ($4.95) as an appetizer.

The appetizer came out quickly and was very tasty. Fresh rice paper wraps, noodles, tofu, and herbs. It was served with peanut sauce and the server gave us each a small bowl of sauce. Um, yes please. Double dipper's paradise!

Yep. The bun was as good as I remembered. Possibly better. My dish came out first and I waited to eat until my friend's Grilled Pork and Eggroll Bun came out a few minutes later. They don't skimp on the use of fresh herbs like basil, cilantro and mint in their dishes and it really makes for amazing flavors. My beef had a nice grilled flavor and was spiced perfectly, with just the right amount of flavor and saltiness. I added some hoisin sauce to the noodles, and then dug in. I just love this dish! It has lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and herbs in addition to the noodles and meat and it just tastes so fresh and light, yet it's always satisfying.
All around, the service, prices, and food here are very good. I will definitely not be waiting so long between visits again.


KandN said...

Mmmm! Your photos look delicious!

Paige said...

LOVE Kim Huong, for bun or pho depending on my mood!

Anonymous said...

One of Salem's underrated hidden gems. Excellent food. As I have grown my tastes have changed and I much prefer Vietnamese and Thai to Chinese anyday of the week.

Chuck Bradley said...

Kim Huong first introduced me to Vietnamese Food years ago. I'll always be grateful. I first discovered Thai Jasmine Rice at A-Dong Market and have been a customer there ever since. I still buy my Squid Tubes for Calamari there about once a month. Both are wonderful places and pioneers in their genre in Salem Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me about this old favorite.

Jia said...

I had the #1 (Pho) on the menu this weekend. It was even better than I remembered.