Jived's Market

After a pedicure in West Salem the other day, I stopped in next door at this new little market. It was another meat market/bakery before, I believe, but has recently changed hands and gotten a new name. 
In addition to "American cuts" of meat, they also have lots of traditional Mexican options like carne asada and fajita meat cuts. They even have pre-seasoned fajita meat with veggies already added. All you have to do is take it home and cook it. The owner mentioned to me as I was paying that his meat supplier is the same supplier that Roth's uses...only his prices are much better. Just a little heads up West Salemites...

Usually, I'm not a huge fan of Mexican pastries, except for one or two types. But this bakery had 10-12 types that I would definitely try again. Everything from filled pastries to bread pudding bars. My number one favorite item would have to be the pastry below: soft white bread filled with cream cheese and canned jalepenos. Not too hot, but VERY flavorful! In fact, I think I might have to go get as soon as I get done writing.
I know there are many of these markets around town, but the thing that was unusual about this one was its location in West Salem. The other day I noticed that there are no carnicerias or even taco trucks anywhere in South Salem. At least not that I could find. And West Salem is limited to this one market. It is nice to have choices like this in different parts of the city. I sure hope people "over the bridge" make sure to support this local business.

Just don't eat all the pastries!


Anonymous said...

This place formerly operated under the name “Ricos Tacos and Aladdin Bakery and Meat Shop” The offerings in the store mirror the former owners’. Since there seem to be the same offerings inside and tacos outside as well, I wonder how the new owners plan on making a go of it when the previous owners could not.
Just like the Aladdin the new owners also have a grill outside offering tacos in the parking lot. See this post;

Chuck Bradley said...

Thanks Anon! I was wondering if they still had the outdoor Tacos. I hope they're as good and still 99 cents! I loved Rico's. Sounds like a hike over the old RR bridge for a hand full of Taco's is in order!

Rebekah said...

Interesting. I didn't see a taco truck out front when I was there. Is it only out in the evenings or something?

I don't know why the last place went under. Does anyone know if it was due to lack of business or was it something else? I sure hope they can make it work. It's nice to have some interesting options in different neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when they serve the tacos outdoors, you might give them a call and post the info here when you find out. It's not a truck, but a tent.