Willamette Noodle & Burger Company in April

~update 7/9/12 Willamette Noodle Co & Willamette Burger Co are now closed 

Willamette Burger Company's burger of the month: The Delta Gamma II – It’s BAAAaaack!
We took our super popular special the DGB (Damn Good Burger) from last year, and added a fabulous twist – LAMB. Our secret blend of spices makes all the difference, and when we add our house-made Tsatsiki sauce and feta cheese? Opa! 9

Willamette Noodle Company's specials of the month:
Cocktail: Spring Fling- Indio’s Blood Orange Vodka shakes it up with fresh lemon juice and a little apple juice for a crisp, tart and refreshing cocktail. Served martini style with a sugar rim. 7

Entrees: Handmade Gnocchi tossed with spinach and fresh mozzarella, and blanketed with our Pink Vodka Sauce 12 (Dinner) 10 (Lunch)
WINE SUGGESTION: Cubanissimo Pinot Noir Glass: 8, Bottle: 28

Megan’s Favorite Rigatoni tossed with Roasted Chicken, fresh tomatoes, and cilantro in an avocado cream sauce 14 (Dinner) 11 (Lunch)
WINE SUGGESTION: LeRote Vernacia Glass: 8, Bottle: 28

Oil Poached Tuna over Farfalle tossed in olive oil with fresh tomatoes & capers 15 (Dinner) 12 (Lunch)
WINE SUGGESTION: Tre Nova Sangiovese Glass: 8, Bottle: 28

Dessert:  $6 Carrot Cake Confection our fa n favorite carrot cake met up with some really amazing New York Cheesecake and their love child is a fun twist for us!
WINE SUGGESTION: Tualatin Estate Frizzante Semi-Sparkling Muscat

WBC: 1405 Broadway Street NE, Salem OR, 503-399-9992 is closed Mondays

WNC: 380 High Street NE, Salem OR, 503-362-8667 is closed Sundays


Amber said...

I had the Delta Gamma II for lunch and it was amazing! Loved it even more than the regular burgers (is this possible??)! I would love to see WBC add a lamb burger to the regular menu.

gstatty said...

I had the Vegan's Nightmare burger yesterday, which is a burger with all beef chili with bacon and you can get it with fried jalapenos and (I asked for both) either regular onions or carmelized onions. Holy crap was it good. I think I prefer their burgers to Mcmenamin's.