Tony's Churros Food Cart

I have been driving past this cart for a few months now. It's not that I didn't want to stop, its just that I was usually in a hurry somewhere, driving quickly down Portland Road and was already past it before my brain registered "Churros - my favorite dessert!"

Yesterday, I finally made it a point to stop by even though it was raining and I really didn't want to get out of the car. The cart is usually located in the parking lot of the El Grullense taqueria near Lana Ave. It seems to be there most afternoons and evenings, but since its mobile, don't come after me if you try for a churro someday and can't find it!

It looks like the cart makes both churros and fried plantains, but I decided to stick with the churros on my first visit. They are $.50 each. A steal!

The cart looked clean and I didn't have any qualms about eating there. I was quickly given my two churros in a brown paper bag and I handed over my dollar. The churros were pre-cooked, but were warm, delicious, and tasted fresh. Sometimes with baked goods you can get that "old oil" taste or a greasy residue in your mouth, but these tasted like all the ingredients were fresh and of good quality.

Next time you're driving down Portland Rd, keep your eye out for Tony's Churros. If you're lucky, the cart will be there waiting to quell your churro cravings.


d. davis said...

Were they running a special or are their signs out of date? It looks like 5 for $3? Still a deal if they are fresh.

Definitely going to stop by next time I'm out that direction.

Rebekah said...

Well, I didn't ask about the sign. I was trying to figure out how that was a 50 cents each, wouldn't that be...$2.50 for 5? So you're paying an extra 50 cents for the deal? I don't know. I didn't really do the math til I was gone because I only wanted a couple. Sorry I wasn't more thorough on that. Either way, I think they are a pretty good deal. :)

Anonymous said...

have you bought a churro at Disneyland or county fair lately?? Even at a $1 each, they would be a steal!

Anonymous said...

I just today exited i5 and stopped randomly at tacos Mexico cart in the lot of a sketchy dance club.

Food was good. Tacos al pastor were very good. $4 to fill up. Very very clean.

I convinced some of the best food in Salem is at the carts.

Anonymous said...

Just got some. He has a 5 churros for 3 dollars deal right now. Sooo good! Now I know where I can get churros when I'm craving them. By the way, he usually starts to set up his cart after 4.

Anonymous said...

So I just stopped by sunday and talked to the owner and he said the Churros are 5 Churros for $3 dollars all the time. Witch is a good deal since I used to pay $1.50 for each in Other places. Hes usually there from 4pm to 9pm Tuesday's through sunday. Unless it rains hard because usually no one stops by when it rains hard. I always get the fried bananas, trust me they are good! Besides Churros and fried bananas he sells (esquites) witch is corn with different condiments and they also taste delicious. I will keep on coming to his cart with my family since my kids love the authentic Mexico City Churros.