Old Spaghetti Warehouse is open

and they're ready for business!
Update: They're not open for lunch just yet. The plan is to work up to it slowly. They did open at 4 PM for dinner. Grand opening to come later.

120 Commercial St
Salem, OR
503 391-9005


Anonymous said...

It is good to see a new link to The Old Spaghetti Warehouse. Many of the reviews I have read are from the old location and are several years old. I ate last night at the new place and it was awesome. The food was delicious and the portions were huge. Our server was delighful and attentive. Wish they had outdoor dining for summer.

Anonymous said...

Love the disclaimer to this website. I agree comments should be civil and not a personal attack. I have read reviews from one person and he is just plain mean. Not necessary. If you don't like any restaurant that is fine, but to go on and on is ridiculous. I am sure the industry is tough and there is always a bad night in any restaurant.

AMY said...

Which person would that be? Just curious.

I've written a negative review before. If you keep it based in facts, it's hard to dispute.

Anonymous said...

I agree! There are some really negative things written...Mostly from several years ago. Don't know why the old reviews are still up that are from the old location anyway. Maybe the webmaster needs to take a look at updating this site?
I have read negative personal attacks on business owners from another restaurant that is changing concepts. REALLY? Those comments are ridiculous.

KandN said...

It's EatSalem's policy, like most websites, to leave everything as is. It keeps search links running smoothly. No one likes to click on a link during a search only to find it no longer exists.
But, to reassure you, it's rare that someone will look at the old reviews--unless someone draws attention to them, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Like I just did? Oh well, hopefully people will look at the dates like I did and realize they are really outdated.

Anonymous said...

LOVE The Old Spaghetti Warehouse. The food was delicious and service was great. I totally agree that the old website should be removed. Who cares about the old place? Is it even run by the same people. Update technology people. The old restuarant site is what come up, not the new location.