New Food Truck: Kar na Vor Gourmet BBQ

{It appears that Kar na Vor is no longer in business}
I just wanted to let y'all know that I tried Kar na Vor Gourmet BBQ on Friday, and it's definitely worth the visit.  I ran into my long lost friend Chuck Bradley while he was just finishing up his own lunch and he assured me that I was about to immensely enjoy my meaty meal.

I placed a huge order for several coworkers, so we were all able to try a little of everything.  Without being critical, here's the results in a nutshell:
  • Tacos -- At $2, these have an excellent quality+quantity to value ratio.
  • Sandwiches -- overheard: "If I had known the brisket was that good I would have gotten two."
  • K-sa-dilla -- a bit soggy due to the trek back to work, but still very good, and very filling.
  • Ribs -- nom nom nom.
I'm not much for critiquing a restaurant business until after they get their sea legs, so I'll give Kar na Vor some time before I post anything more than this intro.

Follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook as they'll be posting their locations throughout the week.

Kar na Vor Gourment BBQ

Once again, I wasn't fast enough to take pictures before everyone dug-in, so here's some more photos of half-eaten food. Enjoy.


KB said...

I only had a small part of a pulled chicken sandwich, but it was really good, and I loved the really interesting topping, which included carrots, celery, cranberries, and cabbage. Really tasty! I want a sandwich I don't have to share with my husband now!

Chuck Bradley said...

My Pulled Pork Sandwich was a deliciously smoky treat. The tangy sauce was perfect and not over applied. (All too common, elsewhere, Sauce-drenched Meat masks its flavor. KarnaVor got it right!) I chose Mac ‘n Cheese for my side. Seasoned with Herbs, Garlic, bits of Bacon and just enough Cayenne Pepper to zip it up a little, it was good. The truck sparkled and the folks were friendly. It’s nice to have a new BBQ option in Salem.

It was good to see you VN. From one meat lover to another, your reviews and posts are always spot on! We all look forward to more to come.

Rebekah said...

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans last night when I heard a friend was at the truck and willing to deliver! Yes, please! I'll definitely go get some myself next time. Worth the drive, wherever the bbq cart is parked!

Anonymous said...

very good went for the first time tonight

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this whole food truck society, so help me out here if you could. The trucks don't stay in one place?? I have no idea how twitter works so how do I know if what's on there is actually where the truck is?? I'm dying for some pulled pork so I'm needing help where they are located today, Wednesday.

I feel old!

Chuck Bradley said...

To Anon 4/6/11 10:36 AM,

Here's their contact info:



BTW you can't be much older than me and still fog a mirror. As to feeling old; stop that! ;~D

Hope you find their Pulled Pork as good as I did!

Anonymous said...

KarnaVor's truck is for sale, per their Twitter feed. I would not buy the truck because even though the owner just started the business this year, he posts he has problems with the truck.