New Daynight Donuts Location

I noticed recently that Daynight Donuts has some new "painted-on-the-window" type signage up at the triangle intersection where Commercial and Liberty Streets come together. This is on the north end of downtown as you are headed to or from the Salem Parkway, just north of O'Brien Auto. I hear they are opening a second location. There is going to be some remodeling on the block which will add a bit more parking as well.

Also, a bit of a mystery was solved for me when I Googled "Daylight Donuts" instead of "Daynight Donuts" accidentally (I know! How could I make this mistake?!?). Apparently, Daylight Donuts is another small chain of donut franchises started in Tulsa, OK. They currently have about 1000 franchises. I bet when Daynight first changed their name to Daylight (this being after they changed from Dunkin Donuts. Follow that?) they found out that the name was already taken by this other franchise.

So, tada! We now have Daynight Donuts. With a second location coming soon!


tracylee said...

I saw the signs last week on my way to Keizer and thought it was an odd place to advertise the place out South. Yeah, I guess I don't think too quickly when I'm driving.

I did notice that the bottom in two places said: "15 vareties of donuts". Soooo close.

Anonymous said...

We are working with City of Salem to make this happen, lets keep our finger crossed. There are lots of issues with this property not enough square foot, parking is also not enough according to city. We are trying, until then visit us at Daynight Donuts location 1980 South Commercial st. We now have Facebook page, check us out.

Salem Man said...

I like Daynight Donuts donuts, but to be honest the name is not good. It seems like it was a compromise all along to be able to keep that big sign. How about trying something new for this new location. How about The Donut Hole or Glazed! or The Donut Guys. Anyone else have ideas?

d. davis said...

"It's in the Hole" if only so you can imagine Bill Murray saying it as you drive past.

Anonymous said...

#1. That is a terrible location. Traffic is moving too fast and it is hard to get in and out of. No neighborhood to support or local businesses to feed customers. I was a customer of Fastback Photo when they located there and it was always a bear getting in and out of the parking lot. Don't do it!

#2. Daynight Doughnuts - is not a good name in my opinion. I agree a new name is a very very very good idea. Reminds me of a Chinese restaurant named "Yougohappynow". Or "China Scent".

#3. If you want to open a second location and you were asking me for my opinion (not sure that anyone did, but that has...) I would say that West Salem is a great option. There is a LOT of people in a very small area and not enough services/businesses to support them. All of the restaurants do really well even the average ones. The demographics in West are hard to pass up. Lots of double income families = strong need for convenience services such as food.

Best of luck to you. It's not easy to grow a business.