Easter Miracles!

Word of Mouth is closed for most holidays.

My wife and I were in a quandary re: where to eat brunch on Easter. We'd made no reservations anywhere, and didn't relish the idea of long lines. We thought about it, and asked ourselves these important questions:
"What/where do we really feel like eating?"
and more specifically:
"If we have to wait in a long line before eating,
what/whose food are we willing to wait for?"
It didn't take us long to decide: Word of Mouth!

As we drove up, the 3 or 4 people standing outside in the light drizzle and the number of heads we saw through the window told us the waiting area was full. My wife jumped out to get our name on the list, while I hunkered down for the block-circling exercise it usually takes to find parking -- especially when the waiting room is already full. Imagine my suprise and delight when I looked and there was a space open in the WoM parking lot!. An Easter miracle! =)

Knowing the waiting room was full, and not seeing my wife on the steps outside, I figured she was still inside playing sardines while waiting to put our name in. After a few minutes I looked inside and didn't see her. Assuming she was using the ladies' room, I took the one available seat on the bench and started to read the most important part of any Sunday paper: the comics! I was half-way through Hi & Lois when my wife popped her head around the corner and, grinning widely, beckoned me to follow her. She'd experienced her own Easter Miracle and had been seated at the bar right away -- and had been waiting for me, assuming I was still out parking the car somewhere!

Once we got it all figured out, it was smooth sailing. As usual, the serving staff were perky, friendly, & efficient. We had our coffee in a jiffy. I'd asked for decaf and it tasted like a fresh pot! Yum!

It wasn't long before we knew what we wanted, and we enoyed the hubbub while waiting a short time for our huge plates of food. Creme Brulee French Toast for her...
...and Filet Mignon Chicken-Fried Steak for me!
Both were outstanding, and the portions were big enough for us to each take home at least half, for a meal the next day! My wife's mom used to say "things come in threes..." so this was our third Easter Miracle, since it was like a 50% discount!

~ Keith aka CanOpenerBoy

post Earth-Day tip
Regarding portion sizes: In truth, Word of Mouth is not the only restaurant serving large portions. In fact, since most restaurants serve portions that are larger than we need for one meal, we are in the habit of carrying our own plastic containers. That way we don't have to deal with polystyrene or waxed-cardboard, neither of which are recyclable at the curb. For those who don't want to lug plastic around in their car, or forget to -- extra-special kudos to Word of Mouth for being one of the few (hopefully trend-setting) restaurants in Salem that uses pressed-paper biodegradable containers for leftovers -- which can go directly in the green yard-waste/mixed-compost curbside recycling bin!


Salem Man said...

I love WOM. I would wait two hours to eat there. It is the only place in town I will eat breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Food looks great in the pics.

Anonymous said...

They have a number of very eco-friendly practices, and their food is to die for! While I adore the menu here, I recently heard that they switched to trans-fat cooking with margarine and liquid shortening instead of real butter:( What a bummer! Hopefully they will switch back to butter (or an even healthier alternative like SmartBalance spread) and pure oil. There food is SO tasty and they are rightfully SO popular, I'm wondering when they will open a second location...:)

Steve Mucha said...

Steve Mucha from Word of Mouth Bistro here. Margarine?? No way. We use butter. We've used it from day one and we'll use it till day million and one. Even this Winter, when butter prices almost doubled, we did not waver. There simply is no substitute for sweet cream butter. We even pay more for the unsalted kind.
Our fryer oil and any other cooking oil is trans-fat free. These are just simple basics that will never change. Thanks for the heads up on the rumor.

d. davis said...

And there is an excellent example of a restaurateur who is on point. Praise well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you might open a second Word of Mouth? Maybe out south?

I promise it would do really well.

Becky Mucha said...

We get courted by many realtors and property owners thinking they have the perfect place for us, but we signed a very long lease at the current location, and have our hands quite full with WOM #1- Since Steve and I are both there the majority of the time cooking, it is hard to imagine adding another location. If we were going to add anything it would be to open back up in the pm, since the rent is already paid. :) If and when that does happen Eatsalem will be the first to know. Thankyou for all your support- we really are happy to be back home in Salem.