Schroeder's Guest House

Schroeder's Guest House is an old fashioned homestyle cookin' kind of place. It's located on the corner of Lancaster and Portland Roads. With so many good breakfast choices in town, I probably wouldn't have tried this one, except I have a friend who lives nearby and sometimes we meet there for breakfast. There is never a wait, it has plenty of tables, lots of breakfast options and an abundance of good food.

This is the kind of place where there are often a lot of older people and where the waitresses all seem to know their names. The decor looks like something between log cabin comfy and your grandma's house. It is not overly decorated, but has that homestyle flair. Seating is a mixture of both booths and tables and I think there might even be a counter. They also have a lounge where food and drinks are served.

My friend and I sat a a booth by the window and ordered off the extensive menu. One thing I liked about the menu was the choice of healthy sides, like tomatoes, cottage cheese, and applesauce in addition to regular side dishes you'd normally find.

I ordered a breakfast sandwich and my friend ordered a large breakfast that included pancakes, eggs, a meat choice and hashbrowns. She also ordered a side of potato skins because she can never turn down potato skins if they are on the menu.

Our food came out pretty quickly and I was astounded a the amount of food! My sandwich was just on the normal size, but the pancakes were the plate sized type, the hashbrowns were generous, and the potato skins...well, let's just say there must have been 3-4 potatoes skinned for that pile of cheesy, potato goodness!

Some items are clearly made in house, like the potato skins, while others are definitely straight from the restaurant supplier, like the pancake syrup that comes in individual plastic containers. The food is good, even if it is just regular pancake house fare.

I would definitely go back to Schroeder's. It isn't a trendy place, but it has a variety of hearty breakfast options and reasonable prices ($6-$9 range) and I like that it is a locally owned and operated restaurant.

Schroeder's Guest House
4850 Portland Road NE (I-5 Exit 258)
Salem, Oregon 97305

(503) 390-4689

Restaurant Hours
Lounge Hours
Sun   7am - 4pm
Mon  7am - 8pm
Tue   7am - 8pm
Wed  7am - 8pm
Thu   6:30am - 8pm
Fri     6:30am - 8pm
Sat    6:30am - 8pm
Sun   7am - 10pm
Mon  7am - 11pm
Tue   7am - 11pm
Wed  7am - 11pm
Thu   7am - midnight
Fri     7am - midnight
Sat   7am - midnight
Night Owl menu available 8pm -10pm in Lounge on Fri and Sat
Night Owl menu available in Lounge 4pm - 8pm on Sunday


Chuck Bradley said...

Rebekah, Thanks for reminding me of this great old place. Years ago, when I had occasion to spend a fair number of weekends in Portland, I would meet a couple of pals at SGH for their huge and wonderful breakfasts. Thus fueled, I could usually skip lunch and work through the day until dinner. Your welcome “memory jog” has put Schroeder’s back on my to-do list.

Anonymous said...

They have great chocolate chip pancakes here!

jeff said...

I believe that they're one of the places in town that annually offers a free Thanksgiving dinner as well.

Anonymous said...

Gyest House has IMHO the BEST chicken fried steak in this area. Specifically though the grilled version rather than the deep fried option. Portions are huge!