Restaurants with Private Rooms

(This post originated March 2011, but we've done our best to keep it updated. Let us know if we've missed a place.)
Often times when there is a party, meeting, or just a group of people wanting to hang out and eat, drink, and talk, it takes some time to think about what location might have an appropriate space. I wanted to write this post as a place to gather information about restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that have private, or semi-private spaces to gather. Here is my list. Please feel free to add others I have missed, or don't know about, to the comments.

In no particular order except the order they came into my brain...

Also, there are places in town to rent not associated with restaurants, ie: 

NOTE: The number of people seated is my guesstimate if it is not stated on the website. Please note that I'm a horrible guesstimator, so feel free to add your guess (or actual knowledge) of room sizes to the comments section.


tracylee said...

I needed to find a new meeting place for our Soroptimist Club since Alessandro's is closed. I called Denny's first, and since they remodeled, they don't have a separate meeting room, I was told.

I found a room at Almost Home. Elmer's was next on my list as we've met in a room there in the past, but Almost Home met my needs and I didn't call Elmer's.

Rebekah said...

Tracylee, Good to know about Denny's. I knew I was forgetting some other breakfast type places. Thanks for adding those.

Anonymous, where is Full House? I've never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

Salem Public Library has meeting rooms available to both public and private groups. Rooms vary by size and function Food service for all functions held in the Library meeting rooms can be arranged through the Queen of Tarts Bakery & Cafe, located on the library's lower level. All meeting room reservations must be made through the Library Administration Office.
Loucks Auditorium (Holds 285)
Full Anderson (Holds 80)
Anderson A (Holds 40)
Anderson B (Holds 40)
Plaza Room (Holds 20)
West Salem Meeting Room (Holds 30)

Anonymous said...

Roth's IGA West Salem
Oregon, Glen Creek, Willamette, Doaks Ferry and Santiam rooms

Farmer bill said...

We had a private room at Marco Polo for a large (20?) group lunch this summer. I assume it is still available.

Anonymous said...

The Denny's out by Costco does have a meeting room. Seats about 40 and there is a $50 room fee in addition to anything you order. You just have to call ahead to reserve it (503-585-8424)

tracylee said...

Anon 3/22: That's odd that the person on the phone told me that they no longer had the meeting room. Although $50 each for 3 meetings a month isn't in our budget. When we met there years ago, there wasn't a charge, but the waitstaff had a hard time taking and delivering orders without disturbing the meeting.

Natalie said...

Flight Deck Restaurant has two rooms, one below the restaurant at ground level with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the tarmac that seats 35 people. The second room is a quarter of a mile North of the restaurant at the main terminal building and that room holds up to 100 people. We offer a full catering menu and bar in both rooms. Contact Natalie at 503-581-5721 to get more details.

tracylee said...

Thanks, Natalie! I'd wondered about that since I still need to book meeting rooms for a couple of dates in May. I'll talk to you next time I'm in.

Anonymous said...

The Old Spaghetti Warehouse has a huge banquet room that holds up to 100 people . They also have space that holds thirty and a small private room that holds 12 .The small private room is perfect for girls night out . We are able to enjoy our cocktails and get as loud as we want !

Bera said...

Hi! I need to find a meeting room at an inexpensive family-friendly restaurant that has wi-fi and where the meeting room is *free* - no hidden "everyone has to order $X of food & drink" nor fee. Our business meeting is once a month, and our current venue has "maximum of 44" - and we're usually right around that - but no wi-fi. This is a non-profit chapter, and not everyone gets food every time at our current location because of a number of special diets and food allergies - gluten-free, vegan, etc. - and because sometimes some of the officers just drop in to drop off financial reports or check requests and the like and go on their way. We don't want table service nor catering; we just want people to be able to come in & find the meeting room & go order their own food or drink if they want it that evening. Any suggestions gratefully appreciaed. Most of the suggestions here look too small.

KandN said...

Hi Jeanne McCartney,
I posted your request on both Facebook and Twitter. A local tweep suggested @LifeSourceFoods community room. I'm going to guess you also read through the comments above? I'll let you know if I hear from anyone else.

KandN said...

Several Salemites have suggested Broadway Commons. Another thought your group might purchase a "hot spot" to have WiFi wherever you land.
Below I've added a message from The Rock Wood Fired Pizza:
"The Rock WFP
@eatsalem please send the group our email. Depending on the day of the week we may be able to help."