Lanxang for lunch

I've heard a friend rave about Lanxang, off of S. Commercial, for a long time, but since our food preferences are, for the most part, quite different, I've never taken heed. In an unusual moment of weakness, I let her choose where we would eat lunch.

I've heard about the interior of Lanxang in past reviews, so I was ready for the pale green walls and sparse furnishings. I'm guessing having the dining area nearly filled with customers, probably took away from the unflattering effect of the wall color.

My friend's favorite meal at Lanxang is an order of their spring roll appetizer and a creamy Thai iced tea. I puzzled over how she's able to resist ordering a curry, until I remembered that she's not a curry fan. Not me! I love curry! I scanned the list of ingredients in the red, yellow and green curries on their menu and opted for the yellow with carrots, celery, green pepper and potatoes. Since this was my first visit, I decided to be cautious and order a 2 out of 5 on their heat scale. Next time I might try a 4.

My curry arrived in a fairly large bowl on a plate with a generous mound of rice. The aromas of coconut and spice wafted up and urged me to dig in. The vegetables tasted crisp and fresh--so delicious! Why haven't I been here sooner?!
Lucky for N, there were leftovers. :)

5080 Commercial Street Southeast,
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 588-2220 ‎


Anonymous said...

Their green curry is my favorite in Salem! So are the crab wontons. Yummm. I've always found their quirky bright-green walls fun and the service I've had here is always great. Good call for lunch, I wish I didnt work on north Lancaster :(

KandN said...

Oh good grief! They have crab wontons?? With cream cheese? Don't tell N!

smc said...

Their Massaman Curry is absolutely delicious. And the young man who works the front is a marvel. He takes all the orders, busses the tables, cashiers...such a hard working employee.

Mary said...

I love getting take out from here. So tasty.