La Maison - Newport, Oregon

~Review by MnLs
Ordinarily, I don't pay a lot of attention when riding as a passenger in a car. This is particularly true when my husband is driving in a town I have been to many times before...and we are sort of lost. As fate would have it, I was being inordinately observant this time and happened to spot a darling little house, with impeccable landscaping, and sign reading "La Maison Bakery and Cafe." With great excitement and anticipation, I asked my husband to remember where we were so he could treat me to a pastry and coffee the next morning.

When we arrived at about 9:00 am on a Saturday morning, I knew this was going to be more than a quick stop for a typical morning coffee. We were invited in by the smell of coffee, as well as a "boulangerie" bread and pastry display unlike any I have seen in Oregon, let alone Newport. I was overwhelmed with croissant-delight - chocolate, cheese, fresh blueberry, maple-topped cream-filled. Rolls and loaves stacked up, in perfect French market fashion. How would I ever choose?

My challenge was heightened when we were seated and given a menu with a wide array of traditional French selections including omelets, crepes, hollandaise items, breakfast sandwiches, etc.  Just when I thought I was doomed to indecisiveness, I was won over by the Loire Valley Omelet - three eggs with grilled artichokes, mushrooms, Gruyere cheese and artichoke sauce (served with a croissant, butter and blueberry jam). If I wasn't a vegetarian, I would have ordered the Paris Omelet - three eggs with French brie, prosciutto, and fresh chives. My husband chose a breakfast sandwich - a cheese omelet with a sausage patty inside of a huge homemade English muffin. We both ordered fresh squeezed orange juice.

We mentioned to our waitress that we were planning to take some pastries and bread home with us, she suggested that we let her know what we'd like soon because the morning rush was due to arrive. After she walked away, we noticed several cars pull up, actually more like a parade of cars, so we jumped up and made our selections. Now we were set for our midday snack and breakfast the next day (assuming I could wait that long)!

Service at La Maison is not fast, nor is it slow. It is beautifully paced so that we were able to enjoy the French cottage ambience - fresh flowers, delicate decor, French music (with a little Jack Johnson mixed in). Food is cooked-to-order by award-winning chef Cliff Brown in an open kitchen, filled with herbs, butter, and fresh, organically-grown ingredients. During our "wait" we were served a complimentary "appetizer" of Bananas and Creme, with brown sugar and filberts. Everything was served in/on beautiful sea glass ware, just to remind us that we were on the Oregon Coast.

At the end of the meal our waitress asked, "Is there anything else today?" to which my husband responded, "Yes. This place wrapped up in a big bow and moved to Salem." Obviously, we will have to settle for a visit on our next trip to Newport. A meal at La Maison is excuse enough to make the drive.

315 SW 9th Street
Newport, OR 97365
(541) 265-8812


DeeDeeDiner said...

We, too, have enoyed La Maison---mainly for lunch and dinner though. Did you happen to notice if they are now able to sell beer and wine (again)? A few months ago they had to strip the alcohol---they apparently had been using the previous owner's catering license or some such and were awaiting their own.
DDD (who LOVES their grilled Dijon chicken sandwich with avocado(

Anonymous said...

Check your credit card statement if you eat here. They charged us twice for breakfast and over the course of three weeks, they did not cooperate in issuing a refund. The last time I called, they hung up on me. I had to turn it over to the credit card company instead as a disputed charge. Ridiculous customer service.