The Depot Cafe in Albany, OR

It had to be fish and chips AND it had to be from The Depot Cafe in Albany.
Ah, cravings!
I'm not always a weakling when they hit--only about 99% of the time.  How about you?
Of course, it didn't hurt that N and I were on our way back from meeting Jonathon in Eugene.  Which is probably how the craving began.  Can't fool the brain into forgetting we'll be driving past Albany.

I've had fellow Depot Cafe fiends tell me that they can't resist the Depot Pesto Salad or Bonnie's Shrimp Crunch Salad, but even when I've convinced myself I'm going to give one a try--I bail at the last minute.  The waitress asks for our order and before I know it, "a medium fish dinner, please", is already out of my mouth.

I fell in love the first time N took me to The Depot Cafe.  It's the combination of the fun funky/rustic interior with the airplanes hanging from the ceiling, the big salt water aquarium and the consistent quality we've experienced that has turned us into fans.
Check them out, the next time you find yourself near Albany.
822 Lyon St S
Albany, OR 97321-2924
(541) 926-7326


Chuck Bradley said...

This place and its Fish and Chips came so highly recommended that I drove to Albany specifically for the purpose of trying them. The ruinous error I made, I believe, was arriving too early. I rolled in about 11:30 AM. My server, a refreshingly mature lady, was excellent. My Fish and Chip basket was not. My guess is the oil in the deep fryer had not had sufficient time to reach adequate cooking temperature. The result was grease soaked Fish and Fries. Later reports (in addition to KandN’s) suggest my bad experience was an anomaly. Lesson learned: Don’t show up before noon!

smc said...

It's a favorite place when we are in the mood to take a road trip for lunch. They truly have delicious food; be it a salad, chowder or their wonderful fish and chips. Thanks for the review!

KandN said...

S, Have you had their Pesto or shrimp crunch salad? I really need to resist the fish and chips urge sometime and give them a try.

smc said...

K, we usually get one order of fish and chips and a large shrimp salad and split it all. It's the best of all worlds at the Depot Cafe.

Anonymous said...

I ordered fish and chips to go. I think this was a bad idea. Did not enjoy it at all. The clam chowder however, was EXCELLENT. Nice bigs pieces of clam and VERY tasty. I would rather eat Fish N chips at Skippers though any day of the week. The atmosphere inside looked very unique.