Best Teriyaki

~Review by Chuck Bradley
I expected this to be Japanese cuisine’s answer to McDonalds. I’m pretty sure this is a chain fast food place. I will admit it was much better than I expected. It’s and order at the counter place. They give you a number then bring the food to you at your table,
. It was much like the service we’ve all experienced at Carl’s JR.

I had their Teriyaki Chicken Lunch which included a Japanese Cabbage Salad and Steamed White Rice. On a scale of one to ten their Teriyaki sauce scored a 4. The Chicken, unlike most Teriyaki places was cut in large boneless chunks rather than bite sized (chopstick-ready) pieces. Also, I must note that although it was flavorful, I suspected some of the meat’s smokiness was achieved chemically. My lunch was $6.95.

Although the meal was not bad, I left thinking; if Love Love, Sushi to Go, Young’s Teriyaki and several other places in town, offer much better food at, or within a dollar of, the same price, what’s my motivation to return? I could think of one only. The same reason anyone would buy at a convenience store….convenience.

Best Teriyaki
1480 Lancaster DR NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 588-3300

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