Von's Corner For Sale

Do you have $30, 000 for a down payment? A local Salem tavern, Von's Corner is looking for a new owner. A business site is listing it for sale for $150,000. There's also some interesting info on the listing, showing how much a place like this brings in. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that isn't much gross revenue for a bar.

Anonymous said...

Lottery $76,000 in 2010. So, add that to the gross revenue.

Anonymous said...

The lease is reasonable but you still don't own the building, just the business. What is the business really worth if there is no real estate, just a name. As for the lottery that is total sales not the retailers commission, I believe 10-18% is the current commission. So what is that 7600-14,000 a year in lottery commission.

The price of the business isn't right and the location is all wrong.

This place will eventually sell but not for no 150K. Watch the place eventually sell for less than half that.