TNT Hollywood Tavern

I’ve driven by their hot pink neon sign many times, but I never thought to stop in until tonight. I’m glad that I did. This place is a nice neighborhood tavern with a full bar, lots of games and lottery as well. Country music was playing on the jukebox.
I asked what was good, and was told that they are famous for the bloody mary they make there. I decided to give it a go, and sure enough, delicious! Mine was served in a pint glass with cocktail onions, olives, and pickled green beans. They also have a “greaseless fryer” which cooks by convection. I find that to be pretty exciting.
I would definitely come here again to try one of their lunch specials or just to have an inexpensive cocktail. Their prices are very reasonable and the staff there were all very pleasant. I also found out that the owners are both named Terr(i)y… that’s where the TNT part comes from.
TNT Hollywood Tavern
4310 Silverton Rd. NE
Salem, OR 97305


Rebekah said...

I haven't been in there for years, but I remember it being very comfortable and cozy.

Anonymous said...

my name is Amber. I am the assistant manager there and not to promote for my own bar but I love this bar! Such great people, very friendly very family oriented. If you come in then you have to try our famouse rootbeer barrel. You will love it, I promise you that. We have the most wonderful bartenders, they are all so very personable. dont take my word for it though, come on in and see for yourself!