Thai Lotus

It was a rainy day and I wanted some of my favorite comfort food: Thai. I checked out a couple of places online and decided to head to Thai Lotus for some take-out. Although their menu is online, I didn't see a lunch menu and decided to just head over to the restaurant to take a look.

Thai Lotus is located in a strip mall, right off of River Road North. I walked in a little before noon and found several tables already occupied. I was greeted immediately by the very friendly woman acting as both hostess and waitress. After looking over the menu, I knew for sure I wanted the Tom Kha soup. I was glad I didn't call in an order because Tom Kha is one of my favorite Thai recipes and it was not on their online menu. I asked the woman if she would recommend the Pad Thai or the Mussaman curry. She asked if I likd spice and when I said yes, she recommended the Mussaman. I went with her suggestion and ordered a soda to go while I waited.

It took about 15 minutes to get my meal and she refilled my soda for me while I waited. They have a few decorations to buy, which I perused while I waited. After getting my takeout bag, I headed back to the office.

I was pleased to find everything I needed in the bag, including fork, spoon and napkins. They double packaged the soup, placing it in a plastic container and then placing that in a takeout box, helping to contain the inevitable spill that comes with takeout soup.

The Mussaman was delicious, although at first, I thought it might need more spice. But after several bites, I find the spice building and was at just the right level. The soup was a little different from other Tom Kha soups I have had, with a little less of a coconut flavor.  However, it was quite good and very soothing.

Having ordered both the soup and the curry, there was enough food for three days worth of lunches! That was a bonus for sure and both items reheated beautifully!

I will definitely be going to Thai Lotus again. I did grab one of their printed menus and will call ahead if I'm going to order takeout in order to avoid the wait. With their great tasting food and friendly staff, I would certainly recommend giving Thai Lotus a try. Just remember, their entire menu isn't online.

Thai Lotus
3858 River Rd. N
Salem, OR 97303


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Rebekah said...

Mmm. I love that place. Their Drunken Noodles are the best in town!