Pink House Cafe

It was a beautiful clear night as we made our way out to Independence. We were in search of the Pink House Cafe. We had heard about this place where the breakfasts and lunches reminded you of home cooking, and now we were here to try them for dinner.
The Pink House Cafe is not hard to find. It is literally a big, pink house across the street from the Independence Cinemas.

Coming through the front door I felt like we were in a private home, not a restaurant. The decor is comfortable and warm. We were instantly greeted and led to our seats in the front room area. The Cafe has different rooms for seating as well as rooms upstairs. There is also a large outdoor patio that I bet is wonderful on a warm sunny day.

As we browsed the menu, we noted that all the dinners came with a green salad that was included in the price. That is a nice touch and keeps the meal affordable. The dinner menu had an eclectic twist with something to satisfy any appetite. There were 6 entrees and 2 fish dishes available this evening. All of the dinners ranged from $9.50-$12.50, which was an excellent value, considering the amount of food you receive. After studying the menu, I decided on the Butternut Squash Ravioli with Butternut Sauce. My husband decided on the Korean Beef Short Ribs, served with rice and broccoli. We both decided on a glass of Merlot from the small local wine selection.

Minutes after we ordered, we were served our green salads. I love salads like this. Fresh greens, ripe tomato, cucumber, red onion rings, blue cheese crumbles, croutons and a batch of red grapes. The grapes were a nice addition to the salad that was full of good flavors.

As soon as we were finished with our salads our entrees came to the table. The ribs were huge and fell off the bone. They are soaked in one of the owner's secret Korean marinade and they are so good. They are sweet, spicy and pack a little kick. The rice and the broccoli are perfect complements to the ribs flavor.

The Butternut Squash Ravioli were homemade ravioli filled with flavorful butternut squash. They were covered in a creamy sauce that was light and full of basil and chunks of yellow peppers.
Both dinners had ample portions and we had enough leftovers for the next day's lunch.

As we were eating, the server and one of the owners stopped by our table, asked us our names and how we had come to find the Cafe. We even had a conversation with the table next to us about their desserts that they had ordered. It was like eating in your home and everybody knew everyone else. Such a comfortable atmosphere.

After we finished our dinners we had to try one of the homemade desserts. We decided on the Apple-Raisin-Cranberry Strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We both ordered coffee and were happy to find that they served Stumptown Coffee, one of our favorites. When we ordered, our server informed us that she had made the dessert herself and wanted to know what we thought of it.

Wow! So good. Layers of pastry filled with buttery, cinnamon, fruity goodness!

All in all, we enjoyed the Pink House Cafe. Homey atmosphere, friendly staff, good food. We are looking forward to trying them for breakfast one of these weekends.

The Pink House Cafe is located at 242 D Street in Independence. They are open Wednesday-Saturday from 7am-10pm and Sunday from 7am-7pm. You can reach them at 503-837-0900.


Anonymous said...

ohmigod! How did I not know about this place?! Thanks for this review!

Anonymous said...

I do love this place, and glad you had a nice meal there!