Nipa Hut Preview

Nipa Hut is now a Mexican Restaurant
~Post by Asia Guy
Wikipedia defines Nipa Hut as “an indigenous hut found in the Philippines built from bamboo and a thatched roof using palm leaves. It is also considered an icon of Philippine culture representing a spirit of communal unity and sense of purpose. This metaphor has now become a reality with the recently opened Nipa Hut Filipino Restaurant in Keizer.

The space inside is open and comfortable with dark wood tables, bamboo screens, and Asian accented décor. The pleasant interior clashes a bit with the stainless steam table located at the back and from which you will order, receive, and pay for your meal. This process can take some time as none of the entrées are labeled and the menu naming the entrees is on the opposite wall. Much craning of the neck ensues. I am not quite sold on this method for dispensing delicious looking food.

But did the food taste as good as it looks? That would be an affirmative. I ordered the two entrée meal which included Beef Machado and Chicken in curry sauce. Most dishes come with pancit noodles and lumpia which are small egg rolls and similar to Vietnamese Cha Gio. Everything I had was good with the meat and chicken being super tender. I was informed that special dishes do rotate into the menu regularly. I am going back for the pig hocks next time!

Nipa Hut adds to our growing list of authentic ethic restaurants in the Salem/Keizer area, and if for no other reason, they should be supported for that. It is a plus that they also serve great food at reasonable prices. Some start-up tuning up is needed for them to be smooth, but that should not stop anyone from taking up temporary residence here.

A final recommendation would be to lose the Styrofoam serving plates and plastic cutlery. You’re definitely worth it.
Here's their Facebook page
3844 River Rd NE
Keizer Village
Keizer, OR 97303
Hours: Tues-Sun 11am-8pm


Anonymous said...

I can't find them on restaurant inspection scores on-line. Is there another name I should be using?

Chuck Bradley said...

Anon, They've only been open about three weeks.

Asia Guy, Great review. I thought the food was good but the portions small. The counter help needs some customer service training and product knowledge improvement. The first impression the broken seals on the front doors make needs to be corrected ASAP. I think when they get a few kinks worked out; this will be a great place with food unique in Salem/Keizer.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Nipa Hut has closed? We went by there last week and they weren't open. We thought it might have been for Spring Break but today I called and there was no answer.

Anonymous said...

Drove there for lunch today, appears to have been replaced by a Mexican restaurant. They were open not much more than 2 months?? Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Curious. Phone number appears to be the same for new place as it was for old.