Milltown Pub

We felt like we needed a change of scenery, but didn’t have the time or energy to truly go anywhere far away, so we decided to go check out a new restaurant in Silverton. We ended up at Milltown Pub. The location was a bit hard to find, but we found it with the help of our (sometimes) trusty GPS. It looks to be in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
It appeared that they had recently opened and we were the only patrons in at that time of the night. It looked clean and inviting. They have two pool tables, a bar in the middle, and seating around the bar. We showed up about half an hour before the end of happy hour. We were excited to try this place because of their selection of vegetarian food. Their happy hour goes until 8PM, and they offer a great variety of food including mostly meaty options.
Our server was friendly and explained that they would soon have a greater selection of liquor to choose from. We ordered the veggie burger, which came with fries and also an order of the veggie nachos. I had an Absolut and soda water and my date chose one of their scotches.
The veggie burger was probably one of the best I have ever had, and the fries were delicious as well. We tried to order the vegetarian fish and chips, which is tofu wrapped in seaweed, but we were told that they didn’t have it quite yet and were still trying to gauge the market for veggie food. We found out that the owner’s son is vegetarian and that is where she found the inspiration for these offerings not commonly found in Silverton.
We were told that in the less rainy months they have a beautiful garden in the back and that sometimes people go just to enjoy the landscaping. I guess that means we’ll have to go back again and eat some more of their yummy food while bird watching.
1405 Mill Street
Silverton, OR 97381


DeeDeeDiner said...

This used to be the Countryman Public House. Sue Countryman was an accomplished gardener, & I have fond memories of sitting in the pleasant patio area during warm weather. Glad it's back in action.You're definitely right---it's a peculiar meaning to the "neighborhood bar" concept :-)

Chuck Bradley said...

The thing that struck me about this place is that it is a true “neighborhood” bar. Its like used to be common in America. Zoning laws and liability issues have pretty much relegated them to the annals of history. It’s nice to see one still thriving.

My visit here was a couple of months ago. The hamburger was typical bar fare. My enduring memory was of the napkin! Upon it was printed “"Massey Ferguson American Bicentennial 1776-1976"! Naturally, I had to ask. The proprietor told me a friend who had a bunch of napkins in storage had given them to her. Now I ask you; how many places can you go and wipe the mustard off you chin with a 35 year old paper napkin?

Jia said...

Chuck: I didn't have the regular hamburger, but the veggie one, and my napkin didn't seem ancient. ;) I hope business picks up for them though, it seemed really slow (there was no one there) the last time I went, and it was a Friday night.