Keizer Week on Eatsalem

It's time to celebrate the fact that Salem has a little sister and her name is Keizer. Keizer is almost always lumped together with Salem, but here at Eatsalem, we decided to dedicate this next week exclusively to Keizer eateries. Look for Keizer reviews coming up all through the week! Keizer may be small, and it may fall under the shadow of Salem a lot, but that doesn't mean people in Keizer shouldn't get their say.

In the comments section, tell everyone about your Keizer restaurant experiences, favorite Keizer restaurants, or anything else about the culinary culture in Keizer. It may be small, but even small towns need good food, so tell us where it's at.

This week's reviews will be categorized under our "Keizer" label. We have lots of other reviews about Keizer restaurants and you'll find them all there as well.
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Salem Man said...

Let's see, you got Caruso's, Tuff Ranch, John's, that Thai place. La Hacienda doesn't count, we have those in Salem. Can't wait to see where you go.

tracylee said...

Los Dos Hermanos has been a favorite of mine for many years.

Anonymous said...

Raised in Keizer and been a resident for all but about 7 years. I am 35.

Here are my favorite Keizer eateries:

For Sandwiches: Keizer Sub Shop
(better than fast food sub shops & bigger sandwiches)
For Mexican: Los Dos Hermanos
(Awesome owners, great service, tasty margaritas, and really comforting Mexican, & Salvadorian cuisine) Must have dish: Tacos El Padrino Barbachado.
For Asian: Thai Lotus
For Breakfast: Mommie & Maddies
For Bar Food: All Stars Sports Bar
(weekdaytime bartender Tami is probably best personality behind a bar in all of Keizer and maybe Salem too.) Nightly specials from 3pm to 9pm are some of the best cheap eats in all of Salem-Keizer area.

jeff said...

Burgers - Ringo's Tavern

Anonymous said...

Red Ginger and Broadway Cafe

Rebekah said...

Anonymous 2/21,

Great spots! I don't know if we'll get to all of them and some of them have been done recently and are under the Keizer heading. I know Ringo's was written up recently. I'll have to see how many others we can get to.

Amecameca said...

Some of the most authentic Mexican food in the area can be found at Plaza Morelia at 3391 River Road. It looks like a small Mexican grocery from the outside, but walk in and go to the back to find a counter with some great Mexican food to eat in or take out. This is mostly a taqueria, but they have specials on the weekend. Of particular note is the birria de chivo (baby goat) and the barbacoa de borrego (lamb) that they feature on the weekend. This is like eating in the mercado in interior Mexico. Muy authentico. Muy sabroso. Don't be afraid, gringos. The folks here are very welcoming and friendly (yes, they speak English).

Amber said...

Thanks Amecameca for the tip. We're always on the hunt for good taquerias and we'll definitely give this one a try!