Half Time Bar & Grill Preview

On a recent evening out, Mr and I drove by a new place I'd been keeping my eye on. The building used to be a Mexican restaurant called La Mixteca and it had been under construction for a while. We saw that they finally had opened so we decided to go check it out.

First of all it is a bar that serves food, there are no minors allowed at anytime. It looked like they had completely redone the front portion of the restaurant and now there was a large bar along the back of the room along with a big screen t.v. and a flashing jukebox on one wall. The room seats about 30 and it looked clean and new.

The bartender came over quickly, took our drink orders and offered us a menu. They had Widmere & Deschutes Brewing on tap so we each had a beer while we pursued the menu.

They had just opened the Tuesday before, so as this was Friday they hadn't been open long. When we arrived there were 4 people at the bar, another couple at a table, and 3 who showed up after we arrived. Seemed pretty busy for a small place that had only been open a few days.

We got a chance to talk to the guy who was cooking, he said that he had helped the owner put together the menu and that they are working on specials. They open at 7am and he said he makes a really good breakfast.

The people there were having a good time and it looked like a fun place to watch a game or just have a drink and a bite. The bartender was friendly and attentive and I appreciated the cook taking the time to come talk to us before we left. Hopefully that's a promising sign for a new place in our town.

Half Time Bar & Grill

Posted by Kristi_Nez


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Widmer beer? Not Windmere.

Chuck Bradley said...

kneznanski, Is this the old El Turbo (and way back, Uptown Drive-in) location?

Rebekah said...

I've been meaning to try that! Thanks for the review. I think I'll have to try their breakfast someday.

kneznanski said...

Anonymous, Forgive my typo, you are correct!

Chuck, I don't know what all that building has been, I've only been in Salem a couple of years and knew of it as La Mixteca. It's located on the east side of High Street just south of Boon's Treasury. Is that the same place?

Farmer bill said...

Sounds interesting. For those of us who've been here too long, that site is the Uptown and part of the 'gut' in the 60's. I remember the parking lot vibrating with lots of noisy people and cars on the weekends.

We will have to try their breakfasts.

Anonymous said...

I found Half Time had average food and expensive drinks. Owner was shamelessly flirting with female staff and customers. I felt uncomfortable there. Will not be back.