Good-bye Alessandro's

Alessandro's will close their doors for good on February 26, 2011.  
Hurry and make your plans to go in one last time.

N and I have never been regulars at Alessandro's.  After our final and most recent visit, we've enjoyed their hospitality a total of 2 times for dinner.  The happy hour group has also visited twice in the bar area--pushing the small round tables together to make room for everyone.  I wouldn't be surprised if the happy hour crew gathers around those tables one last time.  Why? Alessandro's made our list of one of the best in town for happy hour in both menu variety and values.

I'll admit it, during our Valentine's dinner on Monday, N and I were both missing our favorite spots in town. The seats on our chairs no longer had the tightly woven integrity they once had (nothing duct tape can fix), the live music was a little loud (but what a wonderful pianist!) and N's steak had a curious texture. Maybe we were being overly picky, but a person expects more when they pay more. Although, Shannon's service made up for all the other shortcomings. (Thank you, Shannon! I hope the new folks will be hiring.)

I'm curious about The Old Spaghetti Warehouse's plans.  I hear they're going to serve lunch and keep the bar going.  They must be serious about this big change.  Paying a year's worth of rent in advance on a downtown building is no small investment.

I guess what I'm taking the long way of saying is-- don't waste any time, Salemites! Go in for one last time and don't forget to take your picture with that funny looking guy at the bar.

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