El Mirador East, Since 1988

~ Review by MnLs
Yesterday, I went to the mall with my girls. On the way, we stopped by El Mirador to pick up my youngest daughter’s friend, whose parents are owners of the restaurant.
I met her mom who as it turns out, has waited on me and my husband several times on our frequent lunch dates there. We love lunch at El Mirador – it’s fast, it’s friendly, it’s delicious, it’s affordable. The food is authentic, served hot. 

After more than two hours at the mall, we went to drop off our friend at the restaurant and decided to stay for dinner. The place was packed – we could barely find parking, and had to wait a few minutes for a table. Always good signs.
My personal favorite at El Mirador is the refritos and cabbage dip served with the complimentary chips and salsa. When I mentioned to my daughter’s friend that La Hacienda Real (another of our Mexican restaurants in town) served this too, she informed me that her parents owned that restaurant until they sold it to her uncle. Aha! Both restaurants also serve made-to-order tortillas.
The menu selection is vast. I typically order the cheese enchiladas at lunch. Since it was dinner time, I opted for something a little more adventuresome and chose the Camarones en Chipotle – shrimp, mushrooms, onions, and carrots in a spicy hot chipotle sauce. This dish also comes in a version with a parmesan creme sauce, if you so prefer. 

My dish was plentiful and perfectly spiced – the kind of spicy that you can smell, burns just enough, and makes you want to take bite after bite. My eyes watered in a good way. The lime margarita was a perfect match. This drink did not disappoint on taste, punch, or size.
The younger girls ordered the cheese enchiladas. My oldest chose a family favorite, the fish tacos – which were filled with a generous, flawless fillet of white fish. She was able to order three of these a la carte. We all were members of the clean plate club.

Very quickly, I will mention the décor which “embraces you like Jalisco Mexico...warm and welcoming.” This actually a (very accurate) quote from their website http://www.elmiradormexicanrestaurant.com/.
Salem has many excellent choices for an authentic Mexican meal. If you haven’t tried El Mirador East on the corner of Market and Lancaster, I encourage you to make the trip. We will certainly be back, and next time, I am ordering something called “Camarones a la Diabla”….and TWO margaritas.

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