Cherry City Cafe

Update: Cherry City Cafe is now closed

I'd heard from a local Salemite that she and her husband had gone in to The Cherry City Cafe, not long after they opened, and finally decided to leave after being ignored for 30 minutes by the young man behind the counter. So I was very relieved to be warmly greeted by Sarah as soon as we stepped inside the cafe. N and I arrived late in the afternoon on Saturday, right in the middle of our errands. The gauges on our blood sugar levels were edging toward "very grumpy". We needed sustenance and we needed it quickly!

When we arrived, there were a few folks paying their bill before heading out. The first thing I noticed upon entering the dining area with it's neat, orderly, nicely spaced tables, was the mid-winter sunshine lighting up the interior through the big windows, offering several views for people watching. Everything appeared sparkling clean with menus waiting on tables for future diners. We picked our spot and seconds later, Sarah arrived to tell us about her favorite menu item and their most popular sandwich. She asked if she could start us off with something to drink. N walked over to the beverage case and decided on a Stewart's Cream Soda and I went with a big mug of the coffee special of the day--almond.

Not wanting to get the same thing, I asked N what he was going to order. He replied, "The Capital City Roast Beef". The combination of sandwich ingredients was tempting to me, too: "Roast beef, marinated red onions, provolone, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mayo on sourdough 8.95" I decided on their most popular sandwich, The Cherry Nuevo: "Ham, peppered bacon, Cherry Pepper Jelly, cream cheese, served Panini style on sourdough 7.95" Instead of the included chips, N added a bowl of soup and I chose a garden salad as a side for an additional $1.95 apiece.

N loved his soup of the day (I believe it was Turkey Vegetable Noodle). He said it was hearty and full of flavor. I enjoyed the variety of delicate greens with carrot curls and tomato slices. And then there were the sandwiches. Have you checked out the photo of N's roast beef up above? The roast beef was juicy and tender and the marinated onions put it over the top. I was so jealous (even though he shared a bite), until I finished my salad and took my first bite of the Cherry Nuevo. If a sandwich can be called decadent, this one definitely is. One of the things that made both sandwiches really stand out was the use of a thinly sliced sourdough. Still sturdy enough to hold the sandwich contents, but the bread didn't distract from the wonderful flavors.
Give Cherry City Cafe a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
615 High St NE
Monday-Friday 5:30am-7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
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Farmer bill said...

I arrived at 12:25 and was warmly greeted from behind the counter. There were about 6 customers having lunch that day and plenty of available seating. I chose one of the first items on the hot menu, paid and sat at one of the tables and took advantage of their wifi to do some browsing. I got lost in some webstuff and realized I was probably going to be late for my 1pm meeting. It was 12:49 and I had not received my warm sandwich. The fellow behind had been served his to-go warm sandwich and was to-gone.
At 12:56, my wonderful sandwich arrived. After the first bite, I was sold and decided to be late to my meeting, rather than put this wonderous sandwich in a bag for later. My sandwich(which one?) had turkey in it and a bunch of other awesomeness and was worth the price and the wait. By this time, I basically inhaled the food and left feeling like I needed to budget more time for lunch at this cafe next time I returned.

Anonymous said...

Went there for lunch today and while my breakfast sandwich was pretty good there was still much to be desired. The waitress seemed unfamiliar with the menu as they offer potatoes as an extra with the breakfast options and she asked if I wanted them on the sandwich. Seriously? Potatoes were pretty bland and they don't provide salt or pepper on the table. The waitress never came back after she dropped off food so I had to flag her down to ask for ketchup and hot sauce. She never refilled our water glasses and just dropped off the check. Also the wait for the food was long even though it wasn't very busy. Not sure if I'll go back.