Brick Brothers Pizza Company

Update: Brick Brothers is now closed
~Review by Chuck Bradley
This place just opened. I’ve been driving by it daily for several weeks and wondering what the quality of their product was going to be like.

I had a nice get-to-know-you chat with Dick, one of two local owners. He had similar stores in Elgin and Enterprise in eastern Oregon before moving to Salem. He reunited with a pal from college and they decided to do the “take and bake” pizza thing here in the Cherry City. They have not advertised yet, as they want time to get their employees skills well honed under tight supervision before any ad push.

They sell two sizes: Large and Giant. And crusts in three types: Thin Sicilian, Traditional Thick and Cheese-Stuffed Thick. The thin crust is just available in the Giant at this time but soon will be offered in Large as well. They have no way to facilitate baking the pizzas on-site so they must be taken home and baked in your oven.
Tonight Carol and I bought a Thin Sicilian Crust Giant Super Combo (Canadian Bacon, Italian Salami, Pepperoni, Red Onion, Fresh Mushrooms and Black Olives). The toppings were liberally applied and filled the dough from edge to edge. Though we usually get our pizza baked from Padington’s or Michelangelo’s, we have had take ‘n bake from Papa Murphy’s and Figaro's. We agree there is no comparison. Brick Brothers definitely has a superior pizza. Good as this pizza was, I won’t pretend that it’s better than Padington’s Humdinger, but we paid less for this Giant than for a small Humdinger.
Brick Brothers Pizza Company may just be the best dollar for dollar pizza value in town. It’s locally owned and locally operated. Let’s give them our support.

Brick Brothers Pizza Company
3995 Commercial ST SE, Suite 150 (on the Madrona side of the complex)
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 585-2770


SalemStinks! said...

My wife and I tried the Taco pizza, and I have to say that it is best one in Salem. I believe that the crust will set this place apart from the other take n bake places in town. Very good!

jeff said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that with the mentions of great prices it would have been nice for Chuck to give us an example; but maybe that wasn't his intent.

You can see their prices at


Chuck Bradley said...

I tried to post this a day or two ago. Don't know why it didn't show up?????????????

Large range from $9.25 to $13.99
Giant range from $11.25 to $15.99

Anonymous said...

K - I think you mean Browning, not Madrona. - Juggler

KandN said...

Juggler, Good catch! Both Chuck and I missed that one.

Anonymous said...

Good but it was nothing on Spud Brothers you get what you pay for like my daddy always said...

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I are low carbers so pizza (even though we love it) is generally rarely eaten unless we make it ourselves. Our college son was home for the weekend and we all wanted PIZZA so we gave Brick Brothers a whirl .. and so glad we did!!
Our order -- The Carnivore (six meats) with thin sicialian crust. The pizza was loaded to the rim with meat. We have a convection oven (too small for a giant) so we had to fold over one end of the pizza which actually made a wonderful calzone. This is the first take and bake crust that 'crunched' when it was cut! The sauce and cheese oozed and the toppings were so plentiful that they fell off in the cuts.. just like you'd expect in a good pizza.
Then the taste.. omg yummy! Normally I pick off most of the toppings; nibble at the crusty edges of the crust and throw the rest of the dough away .. not with this crust .. it was so good that I had to have seconds, thirds. The only downfall, as is most with 'take and bakes', the crust will soften as it sits on the baking sheet. I would imagine a pizza stone would help keep the crispness.??
We will definitely order from Brick Brothers again .. good work guys!!

Anonymous said...

I tried Brick Brothers for the first time this week, since the special this week is a pepperoni, mushroom & olive pie for only $11.99. I went in and asked the clerk how what is the regular price on this pizza. The response: "$12.25". Wow, a whole $.26 off. I tried the thin crust. The pizza had plenty of toppings, the sauce was tasty and I cooked it according to their directions. the pizza was ok, because I found the crust to be "tough". I may give them another try, and maybe I should try one of their other crusts or just go back to Garlic Jim's. The sign inside the store said they will be offering baked pizzas soon, and delivery.

Anonymous said...

Awhile back Brick Brothers began to offer baked pizza as well as take and bake. We've tried both ... and we are not impressed with their baked pizzas. And what is really disappointing is the menu pricing jumped a great deal around $5 to $6 a pizza! We can understand that the cost of ovens must be expensive but I'm afraid you are shooting yourself in the leg with that kind of jump. We prefer the take and bake; and have much better results baking it ourselves to the crispness we want. But only discounting the take and bake pizza by $1 is not floating this boat.

Anonymous said...

The trick with take and bake is having a good pizza stone and properly pre-heating it. At least an hour at 450 - you can use the broiler to cut the time in a pinch, but you still sacrifice if you don't throughly preheat.

Having a good steady source of heat under the pizza is critical for balanced cooking. Ambient temperature of the oven is driven by the type of dough and in large part by the cheese.

I got a really nice stone from carls cuisine downtown after destroying my old one on the gas grill. Best experience ive had is with stone on top and on bottom, but that takes a minimum of an hour to preheat.