What's Your Favorite Dish?

I've been thinking lately about what makes certain places stick out in your mind and want to go back. Sometimes its the service or atmosphere, but sometimes its that one amazing dish that tastes just exactly the way it should. Sometimes I recommend a restaurant based solely on one dish that I love. Then I wonder what happens if that person takes my recommendation, tries the restaurant, and orders a different dish. Would their experience be the same? Maybe, maybe not. Some restaurants do a good job with just about everything they make, but there is usually one dish that is either just amazing all around, or else tickles your personal tastebuds just right. Here are a few of my favorite dishes around the Salem restaurant scene. Things I crave. Foods that amaze me. Tastes that stick with me.

Vermicilli Bun Salad with Grilled Pork & Shrimp - Vietnam Restaurant
Moroccan Beef Plate - Venti's
Pupusa with Curtido - La Margarita Express
Churros with chocolate dipping sauce - Andaluz
#7 Pho - Super Pho (also new location downtown!)
BLT Sandwich - Brown'sTowne Lounge
Clam Chowder - Jonathan's
Caseyburger with homemade fries - Casey's
Drunken Noodles - Thai Lotus Restaurant

What's your favorite local dish? Leave a comment and share with other Salem food lovers!


SalemStinks! said...

Escargot - DaVinci's

KandN said...

Chicken Bacon Sandwich w tots- WBC
Potato Gnocchi, WNC
Proscuitto Scramble- Sassy Onion
Everything I've eaten at Venti's
Grilled Turkey Rachel- Word of Mouth
Soups & Fondues- La Capitale
Caprese Salad- Gamberetti's
Margherita Pizza- Christo's
Wild Pear Pizza- Wild Pear
Oh and that Pumpkin Curry Soup we ate at Morton's that I haven't been able to stop thinking about every since.

Anonymous said...

creme brulee french toast at Word of Mouth


Chuck Bradley said...

La Mac & Cheese- Amadeus Cafe

Amecameca said...

Birria Combinacion -- Los Temos
Chile Rellenos -- Junior's Tacqueria
1/4 Pollo Especial (Original) -- El Pollo Feliz
Tacos de Carnitas -- La Concentida Carneceria
Oregon Burrito -- Muchas Gracias
Tamales de Puerco -- Salvador's Bakery
Tres Leches Cake -- Salvador's Bakery

Anonymous said...

Lettuce Wraps - Red Ginger Restaurant
Red Ginger Sukiyaki - Red Ginger Restaurant
Pineapple Mussels Curry - Red Ginger Restaurant
Swimming Prawns - Red Ginger Restaurant

Anonymous said...

Crabcakes at johnathans.
Al pastor tacos at la perla. .99 ea!
Cheeseburger with grilled onions at burger basket.
Margarita pizza at sfny - which I had tonight two slices for 3.50 total.
Squash soup from the old soup cellar marc nassar chef.
Salsa at Los Baez with fresh warm chips.
Spicy shrimp roll at Fuji ricetime. Best teriyaki chicken here too.
Olive plate at andaluz. Actually several dishes that were stellar.
Beef broccoli at Saigon. Stomach rumbles just thinking about it. Yum.
Pep pizza at Christos.
Salem omelet at busick ct.
Any numbers of things at mortons.

Anonymous said...

Gyoza from Love Love Teriyaki
Chips and gucamole from Muchas Gracias
Grilled cheese sandwich at La Capitale
Green chicken curry from Lan Xang
Pepperonata pizza from Christo's.... yummm!
and I second KandN, the Wild Pear pizza from Wild Pear and the Chicken Bacon sandwich with tots from Willamette Burger Co are about as good as it gets!


Anonymous said...

Tacos El Padrino Barbachado at Los Dos Hermanos in Keizer.

Paella at Andaluz

Imperial Fried Rice at Kwan's

Mushroom Flat Bread Pizza at Bentley's

Anonymous said...

That wonderful dessert at Andaluz, I don't know what its call, it's like a donut/pastry stick, with warm melted chocolate dipping sauce.

If you have not tried that you are in for a treat. We liked most of the food we tried there (some great, some good), but that was the bee's knees.

Amber said...

Mmmm, you are talking about the Churro, Anon, and yes, it is one of my favorite dishes too.

Other faves:

La Margarita Express & La Margarita: Enchilada Suiza
Venti's: Chicken Thai Peanut Bowl
La Capitale: Any of their soups, fondue, chicken salad, Hot Cold Blue Margarita (maybe we should do a fave beverage post too)
Andaluz: Mushrooms, Scallops
Marco Polo: Kung Pao Chicken
Alessandros: Thin Crust Pizza w/ onions, bleu cheese and pears
Word of Mouth: Chicken Fried Steak

Anonymous said...

Neopolitan pizza with proscuitto added - Christo's
Beet salad - La Capitale
Bistro Burger - La Capitale
Pupusas - La Margarita Express
Ahi salad - Bentley's
Butternut Squash Soup - Wild Pear

DeeDeeDiner said...

What a fun way to start the new year! My faves are:
Gnocchi at La Capitale
Lobster risotto at DaVinci's
Any seafood dish at Morton's or Orupa
Mu shu pork and hot & sour soup at Tong King
Potstickers w/housemade chile oil at Marco Polo
Lamb Saag & onion kulcha at India Palace
Chiang Mai Curry Noodle Soup at Red Ginger
Caramel-Apple French Toast at Sassy Onion
Banana & Caramelized-Pecan cake with cream-cheese frosting at Wild Pear
Pollo Ranchero at La Margarita
Pear Tart at Crooked House Bistro

Rebekah said...

Oh boy. Now I have tons of new things to try! I better get to the gym so I can eat all this good stuff. :)

Also, one of my new faves: Lamb Shawarma Sandwich from the Downtown Market and Deli