Sushi To Go

~Review by Chuck Bradley
I noticed this new restaurant during a recent re-visit to Lanxang Lao-Thai Cuisine. It’s in the same strip mall near the Dollar Store. I remembered the location as having been a Submarine Sandwich place in its prior incarnation. The layout and décor has not changed. Their menu is displayed on a lighted wall unit where appealing photos of the dishes are featured. They offer nine Teriyaki meals, $3 Nigiri temptations which included Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper, Octopus, Shrimp and Eel, twelve Sushi roll plates ranging in price from $3 to $7.50 and Side orders of Shrimp Tempura, Spring Rolls, Gyoza and Sesame Balls from $2 to$3. (I’m told these are the same folks who own Sushi Topia on State ST.)

I had the Chicken Teriyaki meal with Steamed Rice and Green Salad with a side of Gyoza. The chicken was all brown thigh meat and the salad consisted of Iceberg Lettuce, Shredded Red Cabbage and Julienned Carrots with a light creamy dressing. (Pretty pedestrian and not very Japanese, I thought.) The Chicken was good and the Teriyaki sauce was unremarkable. The Gyoza (5 pieces) was tasty, but the pieces were small and no dipping sauce was offered.

The counter person was chipper and friendly and the Chef/Owner thanked me with a smile as I left.

It was a good but not great lunch. I will return to try some of their Sushi plates another day. It is hard for me not to compare anyone’s Teriyaki with, the gold standard, Love Love’s Teriyaki which is less than two miles away. This, for me, makes Sushi To Go a lesser choice in this category.
Stay tuned. More to come on the Sushi plates!

Sushi To Go
5080 Commercial ST SE
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 391-2676


Anonymous said...

i went with my family here the other day, and the food was great! sooner or later couponts for this restaurant will be going out! my kids and i really enjoyed the sushi, especially the big crunch roll and the salem roll. i would reccomemd it to any friend who is looking for a great way to spend money on food! GO SUSHI TOGO!!!

Anonymous said...

I like eating there. I think the menu fits the Salem atmosphere. More people will eat the iceberg salad than kimchi. It's more of a simple, fast and veritile eatery. I like the combo of teriyaki and sushi. I did try the Gyoza and I think the size of it is normal. I havent seen any potstickers bigger than that. Plus the prices are lower than any sushi place in town (you can get a cali roll for 3.95). Yay

Jia said...

You can get a California Roll at Smile BBQ on Chemeketa St. for around $2.50.

Anonymous said...

This is one outstanding Sushi place! The food is so freshly made (right there in front of you) and delicious! I hope that it continues to get lots of traffic, because Sushi To Go is quite the highlight in South Salem! It is truly worth the wait! YUM!