New Super Pho Downtown Location

~Review by Chuck Bradley
Super Pho is located in the elegant old spot which housed Pomeroy and Keene Jewelers (a place that had almost mystical qualities to a country boy) when I was a lad and occupied most recently by Soba Asian Bistro. The d├ęcor is much the same as it was when operated by its most recent predecessor.

I entered around 1:30 PM and was the only patron in the place. My friendly server seated me with a smile. I knew, from past experiences at their Lancaster location, that their Garden Rolls are an adequate lunch all by themselves. She told me that they now offer them with meat options and suggested Pork. I told her that sounded good. And boy was it! She served them with a light dipping sauce and a creamy Peanut Sauce as well. Several other tantalizing sauces were in bottles on the table.

I love the blend of flavors created by the fresh vegetables and the spicy meat and the texture of the chewy rice wrap and rice noodles. Two of these crisp, refreshing treats are just right for a light lunch. The rest of the menu looked much like the one at their Lancaster location. I have no doubt that all the dishes on it are equally as good. A word of caution: When I’ve ordered full meals at their other location, I’ve had to share with a companion or tote a goodly portion of it home. (Not a bad thing, mind you. But thought you should know!)

I have no doubt that when the word gets out on this new location, they’ll have all the business they can handle. It’s that good!

383 State Street
Salem OR 97301
Mon - Fri: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM - 7:00PM


Anonymous said...

I love Super Pho so much and I am happy to see they have a place downtown now. But sadly, I don't think I can ever go back. Last time my wife and I were at the Lancaster location there was detergent or dish soap in my wifes soup. :( Sad because they were one of our favorite places. I hope they have "cleaned up" their act.

KandN said...

Dear Anonymous, Since you didn't say so, I have to assume you didn't speak up. And then I wonder why oh why would a customer not say anything about detergent or dish soap in soup?

Anonymous said...

Does'nt anyone ever check the health scores? Super Pho is consistantly low, almost failing most of the time. Always check the health scores before dining out. I applaud EatSalem for having the link available.

Anonymous said...

Oh we did say something and they brought out a new bowl...but still it was hard to get the matalic taste out of her mouth.

Chuck Bradley said...

Assuming much credence should be afforded the county scores, which to me is questionable, a score of 89 (which is what the subject of this review actually scored) is far from shabby. My experiences are often at odds with these numbers. It’s kind of like valuing your home from the county assessor’s valuations. They may be accurate, but often as not, they’re off a country mile and should be taken with a grain of salt. Just one man’s opinion!

Anonymous said...

Chuck I respectfully disagree. I work and have worked in the food industry for many years. The inspectors have guidelines and specifics they look for when inspecting. Furthermore, the restaurants don't know when, or if, an inspector coming. On the other hand restaurants are inspected semi-annually unless there are critical violations. A restaurant inspection score below 70 is failing and requires the restaurant to be inspected again within 30 days. While the new location does not have any critical violations, the Lancaster location does with a barely passing score of 75. Violations include; Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food has not been consumed within the required time period or is not properly date-marked, specifically: Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food is not date marked. Minus 5 points. Raw or ready-to eat food is not properly protected from cross contamination, specifically: A plate of cooked meat is sitting directly on raw meat. Minus 4 points. Food-contact surfaces are not cleaned between different raw animal foods, between raw to ready-to-eat foods, or as frequently as necessary, specifically: The slicer has residue and food debris on blade and press plate. The inside of the prep unit has soil and food debris. Minus 4 points. Hand towels or a hand drying device is not provided at the hand washing lavatory, specifically: Hand sink in kitchen does not have paper towels. Minus 4 points. That’s 17 points right there just for the critical, and 8 more points for the other violations.

Anonymous said...

Hi, on behalf of Super Pho..we do apologize for the soap incedent. We do run our dishes through a dish washing machine managed by Auto chlor. We left trust in them and they let us down. the issue was brought up to the tech and problem was corrected. Dishes comes out dried and very difficult to distinguish if soap residues are left behind. we do apologize for that. Regardiing our score, i must admit that certain things were caught off guard.No means am i making excuses for our deductions,such thing like paper towel running out in middle of lunch rush was caught un attended to.We implicated new policies to prevent that. Paper towels dispensers are checked every morning prior to our open sign being lighted up. through the help of the inspector. we have learned many valuable detailed on regulations. and grown from them. We have worked with our inspectors in many aspect to make things right.Issue of un dated meat was explained to the inspector and exceptions were made.all of our cooked meat are used up within hours during lunch, and during dinner...everything that is left over is thrown out. thus dating meat in our situation was clearified between inspector and staff.I am not here to make excuses for our flaws, but yet here to assure you that we at Super Pho are making every effort to develope and grow into a Family restaurant that everyone in the communitee can come in and enjoy our food and feel safe. As for our anonymous customer, once again i do apologize for the soap incident and like mentioned earlier..issue was brought up to the dish washing company and i can assure you it will not happen again. I do however hope that you and your wife would give us another chance to serve you in the near future.We are a closed knitted family here at Super Pho and we do want to send out our sincere thanks to all of our customers and supporters.

Anonymous said...

Super pho is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Salem at the moment. My Vietnamese wife and I eat there on a regular basis. Their Bun Bo Hue is the best we have had anywhere- including Vietnam! I encourage them to keep improving- the decor, the menu, etc.(how about some Vietnamese music or Vietnamese videos on your TV's- nothing crazy, but something to keep the Vietnamese theme going). Keep trying new things, stay in tune with your customers. You are doing great.