La Capitale Wins Restaurant of the Year 2010

La Capitale is now closed
Congratulations to David Rosales and the staff at La Capitale for receiving the most votes in our yearly online poll. It was close. In fact, it was tied yesterday morning when both La Capitale and Word of Mouth had 81 votes. La Capitale had a great year in Salem as it has become the "go to" place for fine dining and drinks. La Capitale continues to raise the bar for high quality food and service. The restaurant has received high praises from Portland press, including the Oregonian and Willamette Week. Locals don't need to read about La Cap in the paper, they've been hearing about it from friends and neighbors, as the buzz on the street and in social media is all about the great recipes being prepared at the corner of State and High Streets. Not only is La Cap known for its food, they also employ the hottest bartender in town. If you haven't tried Rob Drinkenstein's infused alcohols, you need to have him pour you a drink. He's an old school type bartender who'll get to know you and keep your glass full. What's really impressive about La Capitale winning this contest is that David has two restaurants in the running. Andaluz is David's Tapa's bar next door.(Also excellent) I'm very proud to honor La Capital, not just because it's clearly a favorite in town, but because David is a very kind, hard working person and he deserves as much praise as we can give him. Congrats to all the restaurants on the list. We will have an day/night at La Capitale soon.


DeeDeeDiner said...

Congratulations are certainly in order for David Rosales and the La Capitale staff!!Well deserved acclaim indeed. A second round of thanks goes to SalemMan and the rest of the EatSalem crew for a timely voting process (and for heeding the pleas to find a way to make the process "fairer" and not allow ballot-stuffing :-) It feels like it worked. Good Job all the way around!

Poppy said...

well said and well done salem man!
maybe i should head in and congratulate them all in person

Nate Rafn said...

Although I voted for Morton's, I'm happy to see La Capitale win. They use McK Ranch beef for their cheese burger, which I really like.

Amanda Salem Oregon said...

That burger the that size helping of fries is what a plate should look like! Full and DELICIOUS! :)