Edgewater Cafe - CLOSED

As of May 2011, Edgewater Cafe is closed.

If you live or work in West Salem, you've probably driven past the Edgewater Cafe a thousand times.  It's a little tiny place, tucked in near the old canneries.  We had a kindergartner with us and knew we needed to find someplace that a picky eater would like, without the wait.  We decided on Edgewater.

The interior is a bit run down and homey.  With the choice of booths, tables or bar stools, we went with a booth and sat down to study the menu.  The chalkboard on the wall list a large number of specials along with the list of breads that are made in house, by hand, from scratch!  The homemade breads include: Cinnamon Raisin, Home (white), Honey Oat, Apple Cinnamon and 100% Whole Wheat. 

We went with the breakfast burrito, the chicken fried steak, and the pancakes, along with caramel hot chocolate for the kiddo and coffees for the adults.  Upon ordering the pancakes, the waitress, who is also the baker of all of the breads and desserts, offered the option of rainbow pancakes.  The kiddo "whoo-hoo-ed" this idea and immediately said he wanted three, not two pancakes.

While our food took longer than we thought it should have, it looked good when it arrived.  The rainbow pancakes were a big hit with the kiddo and after stealing a bite, I found them fluffy and tasty.  The breakfast burrito was great with a lot of flavor and packed full of potatoes, bacon and cheese. The chicken fried steak was lacking seasoning, but with some added salt it was good. I'm not a big fan of shredded hashbrowns, and these were no exception.  The homemade apple cinnamon bread was amazing, clearly the young lady doing the baking is very talented. 

We enjoyed our breakfast at Edgewater Cafe.  The service was good and the prices were appropriate, with each meal costing less than $10.00.  Next time, knowing all of their baked goods are homemade, I would definitely try the cinnamon rolls and more of the bread. 

Edgewater Cafe
975 Edgewater St NW
Salem, OR 97304
(503) 363.8610


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't make their bread from scrap. That sounds really gross. Maybe they make it "from scratch"?

Rebekah said...

I'll have to try that! I am always looking for a new breakfast place to try.

Amanda Salem Oregon said...

That looks great! Biscuits and GRAVY YUMM! Has anyone ate at the Ritz off lancaster in front of the pink elephant? It's a small place but the food is AMAZING! Give it a shot if you are ever in the area. I love eating at new places. The Ritz is one of my favorites and maybe Edgewater will be my next! :)

Amber said...

Rebekah: It's nice to have a little neighborhood cafe that serves decent food that you don't have to wait for a table.

Amanda: I have heard great things about the Ritz for years. I have never tried it, probably because I figure it must always be packed with all the great things I've heard. Is there a good time to go when you don't have to wait forever? And what do you like to order?

Chuck Bradley said...

The Edgewater Cafe was locked up tight this afternoon and looks like it has been for some time.

Anonymous said...

Edgewater cafe closed this year