Chan's Chinese Restaurant

I've been meaning to try Chan's for quite some time now. About the time some comments on this blog made me realize they were near my neighborhood, Chan's had a run of bad luck when a driver accidentally drove through the front corner of their restaurant. They were closed during the repairs, but are now open with a new safety bollard installed.

I had never been there before, but Mr. had been there once about a year before. He thinks they may have repainted their interior as it was bright and cheerful when we arrived.

We were quickly greeted and put in a booth. What they lack in atmosphere they make up in friendliness. We took some time reviewing the menu and then asked the waitress what were their best dishes. We chose two of her recommendations, the Pepper Salted Shrimp and The Dragon & The Phoenix.

Typically I would not order any type of seafood at a Chinese food restaurant unless I'd been there a couple of times, but one of the blog comments that brought me here had mentioned the Pepper Salted Shrimp and I was intrigued. When it came I was not disappointed.

Mr. and I had both mistakenly thought "pepper" meant black pepper. It did not, it meant a chili pepper of some kind. The dish was a little spicy and smoky, the shrimp was very lightly breaded and came on a bed of grilled or sautéed green and white onions and fresh shredded cabbage. It was salty and savory and we loved it.

The Dragon & The Phoenix was a mix of vegetables with white meat chicken and shrimp in a light sauce. It comes on a sizzling platter and the sauce tasted of garlic and fresh ginger. It was very light and refreshing as a counter balance to the salty richness of the salted shrimp.

Both were served with white rice, the tea was complimentary and the service was great. I love Chinese food and although I'm no expert on whether or not it is authentic, we were both pleased and I was happy to hear Mr. say he'd come back anytime.

As we were leaving we grabbed a to go menu and I marked the waitresses recommendations. Besides the dishes we ordered, she mentioned the King's Kung Po, the Special Low Mein and the Mongolian Beef.

As Mongolian beef is typically one of my favorites I'm sure we'll be back soon. But rest assured I will also be ordering the salted shrimp again too.

Chan's Chinese Restaurant
2290 Fairgrounds Road Northeast
Salem, OR
(503) 585-1775

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Beka said...

This is my parents favorite restaurant so I've been there a number of times in my life. They do have some good veggie/meat dishes. My dad gets a spicy beef and broccoli dish that is very good!

Asia Guy said...

Sounds like you had a good meal, and the salt and pepper squid looks great. I will have to get back there, and the pictures are making me hungry!

Les said...

Stopped in for lunch, on Friday, with a friend from work.. I had the Stir Fry Noodles with Chicken.. Chicken was tender and good flavor.. Veges were crisp tender and cut in fairly large pieces. Noodles had good texture and flavor.. My friend had the Kung Po Chicken with Hot and Sour Soup, off the Lunch Menu.. VERY colorful dish..with all of the different vegetables..wish I has thought to take a picture. Both orders arrived quickly and piping hot.. Both of us realy enjoyed what we ordered..