AJ’s Hideaway Bar and Grill

~Review by Chuck Bradley
I walked in on the waning end of the lunch hour and there were still 25 or 30 people there. I saw everything from suits and ties to Carhartts and sweats. It hosts a real cross section of our town’s work force. My kind of place!

I picked a spot at a table near the door and a nice young lady named Crystal brought me a menu and described the lunch specials. (A Cheeseburger with Skinny Fries and a Cold Ham Sandwich) After determining that the Ham was processed, I chose the Burger. It was a very good Bar Burger with American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato a Special Sauce (Reminiscent of Bob’s, for those of you old enough to remember!) and a half dozen crunchy Dill Pickle slices. The “Skinny” fries were crisp, as ordered, and perfect. I asked for Malt Vinegar but was brought Balsamic. I explained the difference.

If I may rant for a moment, I must say that a bar/tavern that offers fries and does not have Malt Vinegar is not completely equipped. I know I am not alone in this sentiment. Willamette Valley Inn Keepers hear me! If you don’t believe me, poll your patrons. (Your indulgence is appreciated. Thank you.)

Apart from that tiny foible, this was a great Pub Burger $6 lunch. I think the popularity of this place is well earned. I recommend it.

5048 River Road North,
Keizer, OR 97303-5325
(503) 393-1250 ‎

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