Roth’s Vista Market Deli

~Review by Chuck Bradley
This is a real deli! In a world where many places, with a sign proclaiming that they qualify, are in fact gas stations with a Spam, or some other mystery meat, on Wonderbread sandwich mummified (complete with preservatives worthy of a dead Egyptian pharaoh) in plastic wrap, Roth’s authenticity is appreciated. Most of their meats and cheeses are “Boar’s Head” brand, arguably some of the highest quality products available. Their breads and condiments are always first rate. They also have a variety of salads and chicken.

Today I had a craving for a Corned Beef and Swiss on Rye. Surprisingly, and this was a first, they were out of rye bread. I opted for wheat in its place. I enjoy sitting in their “crows nest” balcony. It’s one of Salem’s best people watching places. It offers a unique opportunity in this respect. For many of the shoppers, a Roth’s trip is a social event. They put on their Sunday best to see and be seen. The sandwich was wonderful, as always. If you know of any other place, within reasonable driving distance, where a deli sandwich of this quality can be had for $5.50, please let me know. Their sandwiches are one of the few true bargains to be had here.

For some reason, this lunch opportunity has been overlooked by most. More often than not, I’m the only person up there. If you want company, best bring a friend. Although sometimes a little solitude can be nice.

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