Ringo's Tavern

Want a low key place to get a delicious burger? Maybe you should head to Ringo's in Keizer. For years I've driven by their sign advertising the best burgers in town. Finally, I decided to join some of my adventurous friends for an early dinner there to check out this claim.

We arrived at Ringo's a little before 5 PM on a weeknight. There were already a few patrons eating dinner, including a couple of tables of elderly folks and what looked like an after work crowd at bar stools along the counter. Ringo's has a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere for dinner. I did notice a slight leftover smoky smell from the days of indoor smoking, but it wasn't distracting or overwhelming. There are a few pool tables in a sunken area at the end of the bar and a small room with video poker on the other end. There are TVs here and there throughout the bar and at first one was tuned to a rather gruesome show that re-enacted horrible sports injuries, which was quite disconcerting when we were trying to order food. The bartender may have heard us talking about it, or just decided on his own to change the channel to a basketball game which made the atmosphere much, much better for enjoying food.

There were two servers helping us throughout our meal and both were friendly, helpful, and pleasant the entire time. I tried one of their darker microbrews on tap, Sinister Stout out of Nevada, and was offered a taste before I decided whether I wanted a to order it. They have a few different micros as well as regular domestic beers on tap. Our server informed us that it was happy hour when we arrived so domestics were $1.50 and micros were $3.00. Well drinks were also on happy hour and one of our companions ordered a gin and tonic. Everyone seemed quite happy with their drinks although the Sinister Stout a couple of us tried didn't have a lot of depth. (I actually like it that way so I was quite happy with it, but other, more serious, beer drinkers may be disappointed).
We decided to order onion rings as an appetizer and our server told us he thought the small size would be plenty for us to share, so we split a basket between the four of us. It was definitely plenty for an appetizer although they were so tasty we probably would have eaten more had they been there. We all ordered sandwiches or burgers and the server was happy to make them exactly the way we asked for them with additions and subtractions from what was on the menu.

I had a chicken club sandwich, which was very good. I would definitely order it again. The chicken breast was nice and moist and the toppings were generous. The bread didn't seem quite up to the task of holding up under all the toppings on my sandwich, but it was quite good anyway. One of my other companions had a burger (with basically all the toppings taken off. Sacrilege, I say!), and two others had a sandwich that was called Mario Sizzle. It looked yummy, with lots of thick-sliced roast beef and apparently had a tasty horseradish sauce. Tater tots and fries were options for a side. The fries were thin and crispy and quite tasty as well. Tots, well, how can you make a bad tot? Sandwich prices ran about $7-9.

As we sat chatting after our meal, I noticed a lot of people coming in for dinner and the tables pretty much filled up. It was an eclectic crowd, with a mix of ages and types of people. I would definitely go back for a burger or sandwich from Ringo's again.

4170 River Road North
Keizer, OR 97303
(503) 390-1015


Chuck Bradley said...

Pub Grub Rocks! My thanks to Rebekah and her excellent review for pointing me at this great place! I’ve driven by it countless times and never noticed it. If this too has been your fate, it’s snuggled between JC’s Pizzeria and Thai Cuisine on North River RD in Keizer. My initial impression, when I walked in, was “This is Stonefront North!” Although it was late in the lunch hour, it was busy. And Scott the server/bartender was hustling. I had come for one of their highly recommended burgers, but the Halibut and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich diverted my attention. It’s offered with Battered Fries, a Cup of Soup, Tots or a Green Salad. I chose the Salad which also was a couple of cuts above the norm. It had a whole, sliced Hardboiled Egg, several Cucumber Slices, Olives and Carrots interspersed through the lettuce. Scott put my Honey Mustard dressing on the side. The Sandwich was on a soft French Roll and slathered with Tartar Sauced shredded Lettuce. The Halibut Filet was Beer Battered with a generous slice of good Cheddar melted over the top. This was a wonderful meal for only $9.89! I can’t wait to return for a Bleu Cheese Burger!

Chuck Bradley said...

I had a Burger at Ringo's today that I have to rate in the top 3 in town. 1/3 lb. fresh, lean, Ground Chuck with a small butte of Sautéed Mushrooms upon which had erupted a gooey lava flow of Swiss Cheese. I came open faced and on the top half of the Bun rested Lettuce, Tomato, Raw Onion, a large Dill Pickle Slice and Aioli. It was a three napkin Burger which could hold its own against Stone Front's and nudge closely up against Willamette Burger Company's number one berth.