Plaza Morelia

~Review by Chuck Bradley
Lately I’ve noticed that I miss more than I see while driving down the road. So I often park and walk a few blocks on one side of the street, then cross and walk back on the other. I’ve found some neat stuff this way.

During my most recent pedestrian peregrination, I chanced upon another interesting Mexican Meat Market called Carniceria y Mariscos el Jalapeno (3397 River RD N, Keizer). I chatted with the young proprietor, Caesar, about the sources and freshness of his meat and the fact that much of it is butchered, fresh, on premises. With my wonderful, recent experience at Carniceria La Concentida fresh in my memory, I asked if he served any grill food. He said he did not, but that I was in luck because the best Tacos and Tortillas around could be had just behind his building at Plaza Morelia!

I wasted no time trudging around the corner. The food counter is in the back of a Mom and Pop type Mexican grocery with an alcove to the side offering a number of tables for dine-in use. The ubiquitous soccer game was on the TV, which other patrons were enjoying.

Orto tesoro Mexicano! (Another Mexican treasure!)

I had two Tacos Carnitas (Pork, $.99 ea.) and one Taco Lengua (Tongue, $1.50). Both meats were succulent and tender. The tongue was so delicately flavored and delicious, I pined to more capacity than I possessed today. They have a well stocked condiment bar with everything needed to put the finishing touches on a great taco. I loaded them up with Cilantro, Onions and Salsa Verde. (I tried the Hot Sauce gingerly and, I found, with good reason!) The handmade Corn Tortillas are thick and wonderfully rich tasting. If we weren’t up to our “codos”, at our house, I’d have brought a bag home with me. That will be for another day.

The people here were extremely nice and helpful

I can’t wait to return to try their Huaraches and Quesadillas!

I will not say this place is better than La Concentida, but I wouldn’t want to have to live off the difference!

Their hours are:
Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday - 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Plaza Morelia
3391 River RD N
Keizer, OR 97303
(503) 304-4356


Pam said...

Mmmm, this sounds good. Chuck, would you happen to remember the cross street or what landmark do I look for when driving there?

My problem is like yours, where I miss too much when driving; only in my case, I have no idea what the building numbers relate to because I can't see them as I go by.

Chuck Bradley said...

Pam, I'll try to post this again. Responded yesterday, but it didn't post??????

It's just a couple of blocks north of the Salem/Keizer boundary on the west side of River RD.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

This is exactly why folks should think about walking and biking more! Plus, when you walk and bike, you can have that dessert!

Thanks for talking a little about the joys of slowing down and getting out of the car!