Kay’s Bar and Grill

~Review by Chuck Bradley
They opened their doors on Tuesday last in the Old Europe Inn’s location. The first thing I noticed is that they have corrected the extremely inconvenient rest room situation that was my only beef with the previous occupants. A dash outside through the elements, in the dark, is no longer required.

The warm walnut wainscoting remains. The furniture is mostly wooden tables and wooden spindleback chairs with a few bar stools. Simple and utilitarian. The interior shutters are gone, admitting much more light and lending the place a much roomier feeling than before.

I understand that this is a family owned and operated enterprise and that it is their first exposure to the restaurant business.

Today I had a Ham and Swiss cheese on Rye with a bountiful green salad. The sandwich was good but the use of real Swiss rather than the processed variety would have enhanced it greatly. The Blue Cheese Dressing I chose was of the bottled type. I shared my thoughts on the cheese with my very nice server named Valerie. Although I stand by these minor criticisms, I should mention that my total, before tip, bill was only $4.75! A bargain by any measure.

With the exception of a couple of sandwiches which require grilling, the only two grill items on the menu were, Hot, BBQ, or Teriyaki Chicken Wings and a Steak Dinner Special ($9.99) only available on Friday and Saturday nights. (Before the thought escapes me, their Reuben is made with Corned Beef, not Pastrami. A good thing, in my opinion.)

These nice folks are working through the glitches and unforeseen challenges that make opening any new business interesting. One of which is, no hot water in the men’s room. They’ll overcome them all, if I get my wish. It takes courage to undertake this kind of venture in these economic times. Let’s give them our support.

Kay’s Bar and Grill
3195 Liberty RD S
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 588-4431

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Anonymous said...

Saw a sign on the place this afternoon that said it is now "Freddies" and under new ownership