Our girls gave us a Christo's gift certificate for a gift last year.  I'm ashamed to admit that it's taken N and I this long to redeem it.  Not quite a year, but close enough.  It's not because we didn't want to go, it has more to do with remembering to fit it in while exploring new places and still enjoying a few of our favorite spots.

As usual for the 2 of us, it was a little after 7PM when we walked into Christo's door.  We were greeted and seated immediately.  When we hesitated to remove our coats, the hostess asked if we preferred to sit elsewhere.  "No, we're okay.", I replied, but I did appreciate that she was paying attention.

We both ordered a glass of the sangiovese to drink.  Deciding what to order for dinner was more difficult.  I've had their pizza (and I love it), but I haven't had any of their other dinner options. When our waiter arrived, he apologized for taking awhile to get to our table.  I let him know that we needed the time to make up our minds.  When I said I wanted to order one of the pasta dishes, he went to check on availability.  Sadly, they were out, so I ordered my second choice--Chicken Piccata.   N had been struggling, too, but because he was trying to be good and not order everything that sounded delicious.  He chose the Veal Marsala.  We also ordered green salads to start.  Love those rosemary bread sticks!

Our beautiful entrées arrived just as we were finishing up our salads.  The wonderful aroma, flavors and the presentation reminded me of the first time I'd had Chicken Marsala at Word of Mouth.  The chicken was tender and all of the flavors were a delicate compliment to one another, as well as the side dishes.  N enjoyed his meal, too.  Side note: When I'm enjoying every bite of a meal, I'm thankful for the music and chatter of customers in the background  that conceals my little moans of pleasure.  (Sorry, but it's true)
Sadly, we didn't have room for dessert, maybe another time.
If you're looking for pizza or special occasion dining, we heartily recommend Christo's.  While our entrees were in the vicinity of $15- $17 dollars each, the ala carte pasta dishes start at $7.  Plus they have a family style option on a few of their pasta entrées.
I do have to mention, that if you're sensitive to cold temps (like us), you may not want to be seated at the tables just behind the half-wall by the front door.  There was a chilly breeze whenever the door opened.

1108 Broadway ST. N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97301


Dawn said...

I'm happy that Christo's is doing well in its new location because they make my favorite pizza in all of Salem, although I didn't enjoy my experience the one time we ate at their new location. It was so cold in there I never took my jacket off the entire time, and the young man serving us obviously didn't know anything at all about wine. I found the serving size of the wine (my second choice, since they were already out of the first at only 6:00 p.m.) extremely stingy for the amount we were charged, and the big cavernous room had absolutely no charm or character at all.

Now we just order a pizza to pick up and eat at home, and I hope that Christo's doesn't go the way of the Smokin' Swine, which did land office business until they decided to move into a new space that was way too big for them. I'll keep my fingers crossed (and keep eating my pizza at home), but I really miss the old place downtown which truly had some personality and was fun to spend time in.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I agree with you. The staff lacks training especially as far as wine, and sometimes they are out of beer, sodas or wines, even certain ingredients occasionally. Its just part of being a mom and pop establishment and having an owner who's creative brain is much better at pizza than organization :) I'm glad you still enjoy take out pizza because it can be really noisy in there.

I just wanted to add that I have been a fan of Christo's for many years, and had pleasure of being part of their staff for a while this year. What really frustrated me was being unable to obtain training on wine. I tried my best on my own to learn so I could help customers choose.

I think there is always room for improvement, but the owners here are fantastic people and very much want their customers to communicate with them so their needs can be met! I love the pizza at Christo's soooo much. Their pastas are good too and espcially the steak. On weekend nights it can be very busy and noisy so I try to go in on weekday nights usually.

Great comments!


doubt that they'll go the a

Chuck Bradley said...

So much good has been written about this place (here and elsewhere); I guess I’ll have to try it again. My last visit had prompted me to, pretty much, write it off. I had four cheese cannelloni which would have been very good, had it been hot. The big turn-off was a waitperson that had a grungy stocking cap pulled down over his ears with straggly locks of unclean-looking hair poking out. Honestly, the guy looked like he may have just returned from a dumpster diving expedition. And he was serving me my food! Maybe I have been over-critical. Thanks all, for the food for thought. I’ll give ‘em another shot.