Wine Deals!

A reader just forwarded me this info about a wine shop on SE Commercial, Papa Di Vino. Looks like they are in a hurry to get rid of their inventory. Probably worth checking out.

Hi Everyone!

Our big wine sale is continuing this week. All remaining inventory, wine and accessories, are 30% off retail, and if you put together a case from the remaining wines, we'll give you 40% off.

We'll be open 2-7 pm, today through Friday for retail sales only, to sell the remaining inventory.

We should also know this week whether Papa Di Vino will still be at this location or not. If we have a sale, the business will continue here. If not, we will begin selling the furniture, equipment, and all personal property next week. I'll send out another email when I know what the future of Papa Di Vino will be.

Thank you all again for your continued support.


Papa Di Vino
1130 Royvonne Ave Se. #104
Salem, Oregon 97302

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